Samsung promote the weirdest things on billboards

Samsung have a new ad promoting their S Pen, and one billboard - apparently put up in France - has raised a few eyebrows.

Samsung changed the old adage "The pen is mightier than the sword" to "The pen is mightier than the finger." However, in what is either a glorious error or a bit of nifty photoshopping by some prankster, we end up with a rather different message.

samsung fail



  • Ian
    It's photoshopped. With a bit of googling you'd have found out in seconds.
  • Dick
    That is almost as funny as putting a letter "I" in a TO LET sign, then taking a shit at the bottom of it.
  • MazGMJ
    It's 'shopped. Where did the rogue comma come from?
  • Grandad N.
    My wife says my finger is mightier than my penis.
  • Jaff
    Don't take stuff off reddit where they've said it was faked news and then pretend it's actual news. In other news someone's dog was cute.
  • Dick
    Yes, but that was only because they suck a banana up it's arse.

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