Sainsbury's 'feed a family for £50' a week is fried by the ASA

sainsburys kiwi A while ago, grocery behemoth Sainsbury’s proudly boasted how they could help you feed a family of four for £50 per week in a major advertising campaign. It was a huge leap forward for humankind, there were meal plans and Jamie Oliver’s face was seen and it was all tremendous. Anyway, turns out it was all a load of old bollocks.

The ASA has ruled on the validity of the claims in the ads and announced that they were misleading on three counts, including the crucial one that a family’s nutritional needs could be met for £50 a week. Sainsbury’s had done their maths on the basis that their meals would supply at least 75% of calories needed, with the rest made up from snacks and drinks bought outside of the £50 meal plans. So they’d actually feed 75% of a family for £50 then, we think. Or something.

The ASA also got the hump after sussing out that some consumers would need to fork out extra for additional ingredients in order to make the meals on the £50 a week plan. Which isn’t really ideal now is it?

So it’s slapped wrists for Sainsbury’s and the ASA have now BANNED the £50 a week adverts. Which is kind of pointless, as the supermarket ended the campaign ages ago and is now all about the ‘Live Well For Less’ vibe instead. But they lied to us, and we’ll never forget that.


  • Spencer
    We'll never forget what?
  • shagnasty
    your mum
  • Spencer
    feeding a family for £50 is simples. Stallions kebab shop.... Large Doner for me, 2 large chips for the family to share. £7 - Bosh... I let the kids eat the salad out the kebab - part of their 5 a day. Gotta keep em healthy.
  • Mike H.
    Next on ASA hitlist, banning smoking ads.
  • Mary H.
    To be fair, if you can't feed your family for less than £50 a week, you're doing something drastically wrong. Stop buying all the sugary shite and crisps and you're quids in. These dick head mums, buy loads of shit for their kids, they eat it all in minutes and then wonder why their food bill is so high! Stupid bitches. Unfortunately, most of the bargains are on the high 'shite' foods like crisps, pop, and chocky bars. I spend about £50 a week... on my entire shopping! Meat, veg, dairy and household items. No shite like these daft bitch 'save 2p' slags buy. I'm the one saving cash so I can afford to send your little scraots to school, fucking whores!
  • Mary H.
    If someone can tell me what a scraot is please. Answers on a £5 or TESCO voucher for 'pop'.
  • DiscountCrack
    For £50 a week we can keep a family of four so off their heads that they won't want to eat. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it ASA.
  • shoplifter
    Mary many times I am asked have I got any soft drinks, choc, crisps, do not seem to like it when I produce organic stuff....choosy fuckers
  • Dick
    The ASA should have more power. In my opinion, if you have a sainsbury's receipt to prove you are a customer, then you should be allowed to throw a weeks worth of shopping at the CEO whilst he is bound in stocks. That would stop the bastards from telling porkies.
  • The B.
    I've never even tried working out my food bill, I know my supermarket spend is about £100 for 2 of us and a cat, but that includes toiletries, cleaning products, etc and there's no meat and fish in there except an occasional joint of beef.
  • Chewbacca
    Fair enough, but the complaint about paying extra for "cupboard essentials" is a bit silly - if you've not got stock cubes or similar in your cupboards then hell mend you...
  • shoplifter
    Real need to shop more
  • Mr F.
    Blimy, I once managed a 'Feed myself for 7 pound a week' challenge, just about. At the moment my food bill nudges about 30 quid a week for two. And we are eating pretty well, the difference is the lack of prepackaged food! I just ate a delicious home backed vegan muffin. The difference is however we eat only what is on special offer, and do the maths. Then plan our dinners! I also am vegetarian, which helps when you hit the bargain aisle, as sell by dates are less of an issue. I have to do this to do the job I love, as my pay can be quite tight to survive on. I don't think I would be happier with the more expensive 'Extra Special' stuff, although I would like a softer grade of bog roll!
  • Her L.
    Courtesy of Mr Ferret "...a delicious home backed vegan muffin" [sic] I cannot think of a more truly vile concoction than a vegan muffin. The basic ingredient of any good muffin is ANIMAL.
  • Raggedy
    @Her name was Lola Listen missus, if you want to go around muffin animals that's up to you. Just don't expect to be bumming my fox.
  • Caron
    To Sainsburys. I think you will find that picture is of 5 Kiwifruits, Kiwis are birds.

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