Ryanair 'immune' from ad regulations while OFT dilly-dally

28 May 2009

The Advertising Standards Authority has received over 100 complaints about Ryanair’s ads over the past year. But they’re not investigating them. None of them. The reason is because Michael O’Leary knows where the head of the ASA lives and has threatened him with an atomic wedgie if any adjudications go against the insufferable airline.

Of course, that last part isn’t true. The atomic wedgie has only ever been achieved on three occasions so it’s probably an empty threat. No, there’s a different reason why scores and scores of complaints about Ryanair are being sat on by the ASA. It’s because the Office Of Fair Trading are busy sticking their beaks in instead.

You see, back in April 2008, the ASA referred Ryanair to the OFT for persistently breaching its rules on misleading advertising. Since then, the OFT have been carefully and diligently… well, we’re not entirely sure what they’ve been doing. It’s been almost 14 months and no conclusions have been drawn as yet, with no date scheduled for the end of its investigation.

In the meantime, Ryanair continue to advertise in a manner that has led to 121 grumbling mumbles from disgruntled punters. With no sign of any impeding reproach from the authorities.

It’s kind of like arresting someone on suspicion of arson then getting him to go an lurk in the middle of an industrial estate with a big box of matches for a year while you have a think about what you’re going to do with him. Ryanair eh? We're almost starting to admire their huge brass balls.



  • bob
    It's time they banned this pile of shit from Advertising completely in the Uk.
  • The B.
    Hold on now, you're forgetting it's a government department, are you seriously expecting to do it's job in a timely manner and with due diligence? This is the UK, what on earth do you think we do with all the unemployables?
  • Gus
    "what on earth do you think we do with all the unemployables?" send them to work for bbc

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