Richmond ham's naked advert banned!

Have you seen the Richmond ham TV commercial that is filled with more naked bodies than the Sweet Harmony video? Well, if you haven't, you can watch it below, with the caveat that it has been banned.

All that naked flesh? No wonder it got pulled. Alas, the Advertising Standards Authority have no problem with buttocks and midriffs on television. Instead, the ASA banned it over the claim that it was "Britain’s only ham made with 100% natural ingredients."

There were complaints from people who think naked humans are offensive (they must have a torrid time in the bath or explaining to children why babies are born without undercrackers on), but they were batted out of the equation. Then ten weirdos who challenged whether the claim "Britain's only had made with 100% natural ingredients" was misleading were those victorious.

Regarding the nudity, Kerry Foods (Richmond's owners) said the ad demonstrated a well-adjusted and non-sexual attitude to the human body and Clearcast – the broadcast vetting agency – agreed and said that the ad wasn't likely to cause offence. However, the ad was banned over the "Britain's only ham made with 100 per cent natural ingredients" claim and the ASA said it was likely to be interpreted by consumers that the commercial implied the product was British in origin... and it isn't.


  • Your M.
    I just twanged the bean to that....
  • Nick O.
    Looks like the ASA gave the meat a beating... snigger...
  • shiftynifty
    Is this not old news...
  • Her L.
    Do the 100% natural ingredients include pumping the hams full of water and salt?
  • Boring B.
    Your repeating yourself Mof; the article consists of the same paragraph repeated 3 times with varying numbers of mistakes.
  • Boring B.

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