Redsave customers still seeing red

Online store Redsave has upset more than a few customers since last year, unaware that by purchasing products through the site, they were agreeing to a monthly subscription fee of £19.95. The detail was hidden away in the terms and conditions and the ASA believed it wasn't simply a case of misunderstanding; in particular, they ruled that an advert for a digital photoframe was misleading because it didn't make clear it was only available at a low price if you joined the subscription-based shopping club.

Redsave has attempted to have negative comments from websites and forums removed, while the Daily Mirror has paid close attention to their dealings. Redsave insisted it was only a minority of customers who "didn't understand" the website and subscription requirements, yet made noticeable changes to their homepage when Trading Standards got in touch; it now makes the shopping club details blindingly obvious in the first few sentences. They've also gone to the trouble of launching to explain their side of the story.

Doth Redsave protest too much? Comments left on the Daily Mirror's website suggest the matter is far from over, with customers still attempting to claim refunds;a quick Google will plenty of information concerning Redsave's actions. The ASA clearly wasn't happy with them; as Virgin Wines learnt recently, you shouldn’t always have to read the small print, especially when it’s financial detail that might play a significant factor in committing to a contract.

If you feel you've come off worse as a result of shopping with Redsave, it may be worth reading about the exploits of Doctor Keith Anderson, who took Redsave to the Small Claims Court; Redsave paid his claim in full the day before the court hearing was due to take place. Let us know your experiences and whether you've managed to secure a refund.


  • Mrs A.
    I'm so happy to see this matter still being highlighted. Redsave took £40 from my bank before I realised what was going on, but I was one of the lucky ones, other people I know had 100's of pounds taken. I thankfully got a refund through my bank, Barclays, who said they "know all about Redsave" Redsave have also tried to sue people for libel when they have warned others about it online, and there is a group action being organised though New Law solicitors in Cardiff. I urge anyone who has had dealings with this company to add your name to the HUGE list by contacting [email protected]
  • Manorboy
    Well done all, nail on the coffin for Redscam, sorry, REDSAVE
  • Warning: B.
    [...] consumer warnings about Redsave’s practices are well documented online but another site has been quietly plying its own “discount [...]
  • Clare P.
    I have just discovered that Redsave have been taking £19.95 a month from my account since December 2007 after I ordered a digital picture frame from them. Does anyone have any advice on how I can claim back. I have called their number but they don't answer the phone! Thanks Clare.
  • Athe
    ive also noticed redsave taking money out of my account , after one purchase. theve been taking £19.95. they will not refund me and am thinking of taking legal action. they even put the phone down on me when i told them i would take legal action. they then took 4 hours to answer the phone again. ive had nothing in the post ot say im a member no inication. i know many people have got stung in this way, and i dont think they should be allowed to continue to con people in this way
  • Rose
    They're still doing it. I didn't go through the home page as I found what I was looking for just by googling and there was nothing to say when I placed my order that I was joining any club. Should be illegal.

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