Recession? What recession, says estate agents

7 October 2008

Apparently there's a credit crunch recession going down and it's only going to get worse. And don't we all know it.

You've cut your social life down to the bare minimum, you've sold a child to meet a mortgage payment and a box of standard eggs is costing one pound fifty?

It's not all doom and gloom, though. Well it is, but it's nothing that can't be tarted up by a marketing department to become the opportunity you've been waiting for.

A Newcastle estate agents have found a novel way to deal with what amounts to certain financial disaster for the sector. As house prices fall through the floor into the cellar, Rook Matthews Sayer has declared an 'Autumn Sale'.

Yes, that's right - the low prices aren't a symptom of the global economy going into meltdown and a karma adjustment after years of sellers and (estate agents) raping and pillaging their way through the buyer's market -they're meant to be low, because it's a sale! They're deliberately low! Who knew?

It's the marketing equivalent of putting your fingers in both ears and humming very loudly. Will anyone be convinced enough to buy a house they can't afford the repayments on?

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