Reason #372 why Amazon aren't box-clever

Words fail us. A handful of you will piss and moan that this sort of thing seems perfectly reasonable, so we won't even bother explaining why we think it's not. Presenting a poster and the packaging used by Amazon to deliver it, according to rabid HUKD member justingalore:

Bitterwallet - Amazon poster


  • Gunn
    Guess they ran out of tubes.
  • Bonus
    As far as im concerned they can deliver a poster inserted in Russel Brands arse if they staple a tenner to it..........provided of course they use the correct postage. I'm not paying a penny to have that toerag spout off on my doorstep, poster in arse/tenner stapled to bollocks or otherwise.
  • Wank
    Who the fuck cares? Honestly, What is it with your personal vendetta against big boxes? Fuck Sake.
  • Internet T.
    What are the other 371 reasons?
  • Rob
    More to the point, why would anyone actually buy a poster?
  • Richard M.
    Is it a poster of some big boobs?
  • Marcus C.
    at least he got a free £10 note with it!! ;)
  • Sir S.
    Yeah, but to be honest he deserves it for owning an XBox.
  • qwertyuiop
    Clearly something else was packaged in that box as well. I've had packing tubes from amazon before.
  • Cheesey
    Is the box on a carpet or a shaggy dog?
  • steve
    Did the poster arrive in one piece?
  • hunt_red_october
    That's a poster?? I thought it was wallpaper, or wrapping paper. What eejit puts that up as a poster??
  • br04dyz
    Maybe the poster is the cheaper alternative to the much sought after Paul Ross Canvas. And the box had to be that large to contain its wealth of life changing power it possesses - so powerful is it, that using only the might of Paul Ross's will, the postman was compelled to give the recipient ten pounds....I call that AWESOME!

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