Ray Ban ask for nudes

In a weird marketing moves, Ray Bans - who make sunglasses - are asking for nudes online.

Seriously. Ray Ban have actually asked their customers to send in photographs of themselves in their underwear. What is this? Snapchat?

ray ban nudes Of course, some people aren't happy about it, while others think the whole thing is rather funny, if a little odd.

Here are some of the highlights from Twitter's responses:

@danlucas__  said "loooool the thirst for nudes is real" while ‏@Harryh999 spat "idiotic idea". Meanwhile, ‏@JWard113 says "why are you encouraging people to post photos of themselves in their underwear? that's pretty inappropriate."

‏@CivicCentrePL1 pointed out that this campaign is "not really appropriate to advertise thise on the D-Day anniversary. #DDay70"

Perhaps the most blunt response (at the time of writing) was from @Dick_Bastardly who simply got in touch with Ray Ban and Bestival to say: "you dirty c*nts."


  • Lewis
    "Ray Ban ask for nudes" ... well no actually, they're asking for pics of people in their underwear.
  • jokester4
    In other news, many whiny cunts complain about anything they can even though there is no reason to do so. If these ignorant over-opinionated ass-wipes can't handle pics of people in their underwear, maybe they should just poke their eyes out instead of being so pathetic and childish about it? Also, despite this article's claims, Ray Ban are not asking for nudes.
  • Han S.
    Why is not appropriate to advertise it on the anniversary of D Day but it would be on any other day?!
  • Billybobjimbob
    You have to absolutely nude! Well, apart from your underwear. Next clickbait non-story please.
  • Coran
    Nude. Noun. The condition of being unclothed.

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