's customer services drop more than the ball

Bitterwallet's Worst Company in Britain competition is throwing up some delightful gems of rancid customer service. As always, we'd love to hear more, but here's a corker from BW reader jinkssick, concerning on the other hand, I have had many a trouble with... just two days [ago] I got sent DVDRs in the post and it's incredible how they arrived...

Anybody expecting a reputable online company to include packaging with fragile items when posted, should look away now:

It sounded like a lego box when I got it.



  • Andy
  • Ben
  • ODB
    And this is what passes for 'News' is it??
  • Chris
    To be fair, although Play should have packaged it better, it's also down to the postal service used as by the looks of things, they weren't too gentle with it. I'm sure it was in good shape when it left Play's warehouse.
  • Bob
    Also the fact that they censor reviews and customer comments on their website. They refused to accept my review and did not publish it because I dared to say the courier dragged my £600 lcd to my door over gravel, tarmac and concrete instead of carrying it or using the correct equipment to move it to me in one piece..... I guess they only want glowing 5 star reviews on all of their products.... much like their neverending "sales" which give the impression they are good value for money. lol
  • Fuc K.
    Bob, your 'lol' at the end ruined everything you said previously.
  • Josh
    @Chris It's no good trying to pass some of the blame of to the couriers, parcels will be passed over conveyor belts, have other parcels placed on them and slide around the vans. If they were packaged properly by the dispatcher then they would of arrived in more than adequate condition. Maybe in your ideal little world couriers would handle every parcel with extreme care but this is the real world and that just isn't viable when they have thousands upon thousands of parcels passing through the distribution centres every single day with strict deadlines because people want there parcels delivered in 48 hours from another country, next day ordered upto 8pm, same day etc
  • Chris
    @ Josh You said it: "some of the blame". I'm not saying Play aren't at fault, but at the same time the couriers could work out that the box was fairly light and shouldn't be at the bottom of the pile. Don't worry, I live in the real world and therefore am content to distribute the responsibility amongst both parties. However, would it not be considered the couriers "duty" (for lack of a better word) to attempt to ensure that the parcels are contained securely during transit and reduce sliding around etc to a minimum? As I said, they're both at fault. Play could have packaged it a lot better, and perhaps the postal service could have been a little more gentle with it. Both are still doing a fantastic job though, and I'm more than grateful for the service I receive from both.
  • Paul S.
    @ODB on a website that covers consumer issues and customer service... umm, yes?
  • rugger t.
    my makka came in same box with his horns shaded. 2 bench tins came as if they'd been in a crash, all came in own box unprotected! cs guy was good tho
  • ungulator
    play forgot to include the jiffy bags, when i get mine i get two free large jiffy's, hooray, also postmans fault for being a noob
  • David P.
    When I was temping, I worked a few weeks with a well known courier company and suffice to say, you soon learnt to ignore the "fragile" and "handle with care" stickers on boxes as every other box had it written on it. A box would get THROWN regardless from the van on to a conveyor belt and would then get thrown once again into a big cage. If the boxes didn't fit in the cage, then we'd make them fit, by any means necessary.
  • crofter
    What dye are these maxwell do you know offhand - CMC?? *rushes to the play website with finger on the "Buy" button if he gets the right response ...
  • ODB
    @ Paul - So you publish an entire article about 1 item? Its a fucking spindls FFS...its hardly what you would clas as 'delicate'...they have packed my spindles from there before exactly the same...yet they have arrived in mint condition! Its obvo RM and there as standard useless service that is the ablame here! what about al the other companies that send stuff looking like shit? @ Bob...perhaps as the reviews section is about the PRODUCT not about the courier company they hire having 1 useless twat who cant be bothered to lift the thing...Would you give a bad review if Royal Mail lost it in the post? Play dont have their own couriers! You cant blame them for the courier company being shit...the reviews are ot there to slag off Play, just the actaul product...whats so hard to understand about that? The are hardly going to have a section for people to slate them for using shit couriers or RM are they? Also...there are a SHIT LOAD of products on there that have bad reviews...try looking before making stupid comment
  • Paul S.
    If you've anymore examples of bad / non-existent packaging from any other company, we're always happy to look at them. Thanks!
  • James R.
    You deserve to get smashed DVD's with a purple duvet cover.... ;o))
  • tony
    ODB for president!
  • zac
    what a a worthless post
  • tony
    black kettle?
  • Jose
    I've shopped at play for a while now and also received really badly packaged items so you're not alone, if wasn't for the fact that they're pretty cheap I wouldn't hesitate to go elsewhere! Nevertheless, I usually just tut and put up with it but recently they really riled me. Three friends bought me a play voucher for my birthday back in the summer and told me I'd receive an email with the details. After four weeks I still hadn't received anything but didn't want to chase my friends for it. Eventually they asked what I'd bought with it and I was able to explain that I'd not received it, so they phoned play and got them to send me another email. Another three weeks went by and still no voucher. I called my friend and embarrassingly asked her to call them again, which she did and got an email from them with another voucher code which she forwarded to me. By then I couldn't really be bothered so just left the mail in my inbox. Two weeks ago I decided to use it against a Christmas present and guess what.....the voucher code was invalid!!! I called customer services and was told by the manager that I would have to get my friend to call them since it was her that purchased it in the first place, even though I had the voucher number and all of the emails in the chain! I told the manager that I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a way they could sort the whole mess out without me having to ask my friend to call them for a third time after they made so many mistakes. Annoyingly he refused to admit play had made any mistakes even though I have two emails from them to my friend apologising!!!! The voucher is only for £30 but how ridiculous, has anyone else had a similar problem with these guys?
  • Sam
    haha, I had bought someone a mug as a Christmas Present from it came in a box which was 10 times bigger than the actual item, the mug had came out of its plastic cover and was flying around in the inside of this massive box. silly packager and im sure Royal Mail where not gentle with it either.
  • Halflife
    I just had an internal hard drive delivered from Play and was a little shocked how it was packaged. It came in a box about twice the size of a shoe box with another box inside that contained the hard drive. A token gesture had been made to put some polystyrene in the two boxes but both the hard drive and the smaller box it was contained in were free to rattle about in the larger box. Rubbish packaging. I wonder how many things play get back damaged due to poor packaging that they then pass the cost back to the supplier. Would only have taken a few seconds longer to package properly. Halflife
  • Bob
    @ Fuc koff lol @ODB My review happened to mention the courier as part of the whole ordering process and the product itself. I wouldn't say my review was glowing but I spent some time putting it together and did complement them on the order process.... however then getting an email and basically being told to "fuck off" because they don't like the fact I mentioned their courier is a bit disappointing to say the least. If they have a bad courier people should be allowed to read it from other customers expierences...and they shouldn't treat the customer as the one at fault but perhaps have a word with the courier company as they are obviously not doing the job that play are paying them for,
  • Mundane B.
    [...] we hit a nerve yesterday, when we mentioned’s shoddy packaging. Plenty of people pointed the finger at less-than-careful handling by posties and couriers, but if [...]
  • ClaireClaire
    I love lego!
  • Now B.
    [...] recall that were seemingly incapable of delivering goods in the intended number of pieces. There were those DVDRs for example, packed with a single sheet of paper in a cardboard box. And then there was the hard [...]
  • Simon
    The worst business I have ever dealt with. AVOID - AVOID - AVOID!!!!!! Had to return 10 items to this despicable company because they couldn't package them properly. Took lots of telephone calls to try to sort it out (0845 number!). The price of the items went up since I originally purchased them and customer service told me to my face that I would have to pay the extra if I wanted replacements sent to me - even though I had confirmation emails telling me replacements would be sent within 5 days of receipt of the returns. They then refunded me without consultation but did not refund me for the return postage value of £25.70. Two 30 minute 0845 telephone conversations later they refunded me for only half of the return postage and now because the system and staff are so rubbish I'm stuck with a loss of nearly £15! This company is a joke - never buy anything from them.
  • gmcclean
    Ordered 2 Razor electric scooters for Christmas, and found on Christmas morning one of them had a flat tyre. Tried pumping it up, but it stayed flat. Waited until holidays ended and sent email to find a local service-repair centre. Response was for another, entirely unrelated item, bought previously on a different order number. Not sure how anyone could relate a flat tyre to a coat? but that was what happened. Emailed again with no response, then a week later had to ring their 0845 number. After explaining the problem to a totally uninterested person, the only thing they seemed to want to offer was refund or replace. I asked for a replacement, a week later they collected item. Then after another 10 days they refunded cost, no other contact made. If you are buying an item,anything that may need ANY kind of customer service or interaction, then is not the place for you. Of all the interactions I had with them, after many emails and time spent on the phone they completely failed, and were a complete waste of time. AVOID IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME!

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