Pig in Boots actually a PR campaign

pig in bootsDid you see the squidgy, widgy, lovely wuvley tale of Cinders the Pig in the press? This heartwarming little eventual sausage was 'the world’s only porker who is afraid of mud'.

AWW! How charming! When I read it, I was so overwhelmed with soppy cutesiness that my entire being turned into goo. LOOK! A piggy-wiggy in green wellibobs!

We were told that this lickle piggie was frightened of mud by owners Debbie and Andrew Keeble who popped tiny boots on it that they just happened to have lying around the house.

However, the whole story is bollocks.

That's because the whole thing was a PR stunt by some people called the Ross Parry Agency. This lot were asked to raise the profile of Debbie and Andrew Keeble’s sausage manufacturing business and, in addition to that, a chance for them to talk about their lobbying work for fairer price on British Pork.

As such, 25 UK radio stations, national TV shows like GMTV, The Wright Stuff and The One Show, every national newspaper in Britain and loads of websites picked up on the story to coo at the little piggly wiggly strutting toward a man with a bolt gun (just off camera... possibly).

But I Read It In The Paper spit: "All news outlets are guilty of printing PR-created story as ‘news’ or ‘light relief’. The truth is this manufactured story is neither news or light entertainment, but a cynical ploy to secure advertising at minimal cost. It also brings into sharp focus that journalists and editors just don’t care what is news, anymore than they care about misleading headlines or the dividing line between comment and news."

That's hardly news is it? Also, bully for us for churning out this tawdry crap all over again!


  • Alexis
    Bastards. Let's hope they record his slaughter and show what the couple are really selling.
  • Merlin
    Thought this would be a story about the ginge from Girls Aloud buying some eyeliner or something.
  • Nobby
    ‘The world’s only porker who is afraid of mud‘. I don't think that is true. There was a fat kid when I was at school, and I'm fairly sure he was scared of mud after all the mudpies that were thrown at him.
  • rappy
    sly lying bastards
  • Peter F.
    I have to say, I'm not adverse to Andrew sausage, although I prefer it with mustard on so I can have a good cough as it burns the back of my throat.
  • Jack
  • engerland
    British Gas are really good for cooking piglets.

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