Pay for Weetabix with a photograph

23 April 2013

weetabix-payment Weetabix can't get hold of the best British wheat after one of the worst harvests in ages, so they need to do something else with their time in a bid to distract them from any potential bad press.

With that, they've decided to run a promotion which allows you to pay for your cereal with a picture. Basically, if you have a smartphone or a tablet, you can claim a free breakfast by presenting a photograph on their device of a televised Weetabix advert.

You'll show your photo at a Boots store and you'll get a free packet of the new morning snack.

The #TAKETHEBISCUIT advert is on air as we speak so keep 'em glued if you care enough.

"There is huge value in people taking pictures of our new products and sharing the images amongst their friendship groups so we're excited to be the first company to try this in partnership with Boots," said Weetabix spokesperson Ben Cooper.

"It is undoubtedly a brave move to replace financial currency with social currency, but we're hoping that the 55% of people that currently use their smartphone whilst watching TV will take part in the unique retail initiative, try our new breakfast biscuit and become long-term customers."

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  • Alexis
    A Weetabix biscuit costs about 12p. The effort involved for a sodding compressed bit of wheat worth twelve fucking pence makes me cry. Fuck off Weetabix.
  • Dick
    ^ Those tears cost about 4p worth of Coca-Cola. Don't do it.
  • Captain W.
    So here's a question. Why am I unable to post here from my home computer? I've done nothing too controversial, apart from posting as Ogre's dad in a dig at Ogre.
  • Captain W.
    Because they've blocked my IP address.
  • Puss B.
    I hope they do something similar for the purchase of condoms.
  • Mike O.
    Does purchasing condoms have an IP address then?

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