Pamela Anderson is deemed offensive

6 June 2013

Amazingly enough, women like to be taken seriously at their jobs and stuff – rather than being seen as yet another decorative deposit for the wank bank.

But nobody told domain hosting company Dreamscape Networks, who are advertising their boring services in the only way anyone seems to know how – with norks, bikinis and jets of cream. And these are Pamela Anderson’s norks, no less - those Baywatch orbs that made the world’s balding IT guys go all funny way back in the 90s, when their winkies were even smaller than they are now.

The ad shows Anderson being all businesswomany at a meeting, wearing a revealing suit that displays her knockers, causing the pathetic sexual arousal of her ugly bugly male colleague. As she embarks on some silly womany work talking, Pam’s big boobed assistant enquires whether she'd like cream in her coffee. The slack-jawed bloke across the table then embarks on a graphic fantasy about them both writhing around covered in cream (that’s a visual metaphor for SEMEN, English graduates!).

He is snapped out of the fantasy by Pamela calling his name. Then her assistant, who also has a massive cleavage (do keep up with the complicated plot) enquires whether he'd like cream too, and everyone probably goes off for a ‘lie down’. It all makes Benny Hill look like Ingmar Bergman.

The Advertising Standards Authority have banned the ad before 9pm, saying that although it is meant to be tongue in cheek, the scene gave the impression that the man viewed women as sexual objects.

‘Because of that’ they added, ‘We considered the ad was likely to cause serious offence to some viewers on the basis that it was sexist and degrading to women.’

Maybe one day, can we live in a world where it isn’t necessary for women to wear cheese wire thongs and smear themselves in Elmlea to sell webspace? One day?


  • Nelmer
    A man views women as sexual objects? Tell me something I don't already know. If I see a attractive women the only thing in my mind is I'd like to fuck her.
  • Natty
    Of course women never view men as sexual objects do they Lucy!
  • jiggle
    Great ad for the target market.
  • Walter W.
    I find the Diet Coke ads sexist and objectify handsome men as nothing more than something to give a woman a wet patch but I don't make a blog about it and exaggerate it's 'subversive' message Have you thought about finding another job Lucy? I ask because over the past few days you've posted several entries here which are nothing more than sensationalist claptrap based on your own over sensitive, incorrect and jaded views on the world around you I'm surprised you didn't label this sexist too like the t=shirt article
  • Dick
    If all women grew a decent pair of tits in the first place then adverts like this wouldn't be necessary.
  • Inspector G.
    Who is this offensive to really? Surely the fact that men can't do their job properly because there's a sexy lady about is offensive to men. But then if Pammy came round my work I'd have to take a visit to the toilet for some 'private time'.
  • Hand S.
    When did Bitterwallet become an outlet for this sort of rubbish, really need to get rid of this Lucy writer and her agenda
  • Not f.
    Seems almost every day there's some sort of drivel posted by this writer. I only come here for the comments, shame as this used to be a great site a while ago. Now just rehashed articles and this sort of agenda crap.
  • Not f.
    Oh and the ad obviously worked, so much free publicity
  • Justin A.
    Digging her own journalistic grave, one opinionated, subjective 'news' piece at a time.
  • Mr T.
    Yawn yawn, yet another feminist "Article" from the racist man hater.
  • dvdj10
    You are really writing for the wrong audience. Are you merely waiting for your big break when Take a Break come knocking after seeing all this PC, sexist, feminism crap?
  • The G.
    Girl Power, WOOHOOO....
  • Old G.
    Dudes, take a break. If Lucy keeps coming up with articles like this, then we get to watch more videos like this! One of the reasons I started coming here!
  • Han S.
    Who's the target audience for an internet hosting site, Lucy? And who's the target audience for Diet Coke? Think on that, Lucy.
  • Mike O.
    I'm with Old Git. And am one as well.
  • Mary H.
    Pamelas vagina will be like a smooth bore rifle with the amount of foot long meat feasts that have skewered her like a turkish kebab
  • Milky
    get a life, on another site preferably Lucy.

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