Paddy Power go a bit racist with North Korean advert

19 April 2013

You know how people from North Korea talk differently to people from Europe? ISN'T THAT HILARIOUS? Or, if you were pretending to be satirical but actually being a bit racist, you might say 'hirarious'.

And that's Paddy Power's angle as they mock Paulo Di Canio's fascist leanings at Sunderland while also mocking Kim Jong Un because he talks funny. Have a look at the spot below and arf one off at people who can't pronounce their Ls. No wonder they'd like to bomb the West.

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  • Dick
    That's OK, they are just North Koreans. They can't do anything, unlike the powerful trans-gender lobby that got one of their previous ads banned.
  • chewbacca
    @chewbaccca You can't spelll.
  • Kim C.
    Seems rike no one takes me serirousry ...I'm so ronery...poor rittle ronery!
  • Pow
    How is it racist? So if I attempt an Irish accent or an Ozzie accent, I'm racist? Get a grip.

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