Paddy Power get offensive advert banned

Paddy Power have been given a right kicking by the Advertising Standards Authority over an advert for Ladies' Day at the Cheltenham Festival. The commercial invited viewers to gawp at women and transgender women and try and decide which was which. The ad stated: "We're going to make Ladies' Day even more exciting by sending in some beautiful transgendered ladies. Spot the stallions from the mares”. Alas, one woman is branded a "dog."

The authority upheld complaints saying that the advert was offensive and condoned and encouraged harmful discriminatory behaviour towards the transgender community. “The suggestion that trans people could be segregated into the gender stereotypes 'stallions' and 'mares' as part of a guessing game, trivialised a complex and difficult issue and objectified them in a way that was likely to cause them serious offence,” said the ASA.

Paddy Power claim that they got in touch with the Beaumont Society, which they thought were biggest and longest established transgender support group in the UK, to make sure the commercial didn't cause offence. As a result of the ban, the bookies said that they didn't intend to cause offence and were “saddened” to learn that viewers were offended by the ad.


  • Dai
    I'm sure they were "saddened" by all the publicity that the ad and the subsequent media shit-storm has given them too. In future could you word stories more carefully to prevent this. Eg "Paddy Power, rubbish second-rate bookies struggling in the shadow of much better firms such as William Hill and Ladbrokes, were given a right kicking..."
  • The B.
    Well, that would be the case if William Hill and Ladbrokes weren't such a bunch of shitehawks too.
  • Dick
    I wouldn't bet with them, as I prefer betfair. But I thought the advert was funny though. Especially the sausage in the background, when the word stallions goes onscreen.
  • Dai
    They're all shitehawks, but I worry about all the free publicity that "banned" adverts get.
  • Pete D.
    Dai, I think it should have a name, let's call it Sky Captain publicity. Actually, that would give him free publicity. Let's call it F**kbag publicity.

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