Paddy Power are at it again, with IRA advert

Paddy Power, who have form for making adverts that annoy loads of people, are at it again, this time poking fun at the IRA.

They've got a giant billboard featuring two men wearing balaclavas, alongside the phrase Tiocfaidh Ar La (non Irish-speakers - that means 'our day will come') in reference to the Marriage Referendum.


A press release for Paddy Power says: "Our latest betting on the referendum makes it look rosy in the garden for the YES camp but don’t be surprised if the NO vote comes from behind to give us all a surprise."

"In the words of Alex Ferguson, it’s squeaky bum time!"

We're going to leave this here, without much of a comment, because nothing is ever going to stop Paddy Power taking the piss out of absolutely everything, ever.



  • Jessie J.
  • Henry C.
    Tiocfaidh ar la, our day will come, a glorious day for Ireland's fighting sons, tiocfaidh ar la, we will be free, tiochfaidh ar la the dawn of liberty.

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