Paddy Power advert the 'most complained about ad of all time'

20 March 2014

The Advertising Standards Authority have stood by their decision to nix the controversial Paddy Power advert which featured Oscar Pistorius.

The ASA said that the ad had received a record breaking amount of complaints, thereby making it "the most complained about ad of all time."

If you missed the advert, it showed Pistorius as an Academy Award-statuette with the words; “It's Oscar time. Money back if he walks”.


Basically, the ad caused a kerfuffle for two reasons: Firstly, it makes fun of the athlete's disability and, of course, more pertinent is the small matter of mocking a case where a woman got murdered.

While the ad was on the receiving end of an unprecedented amount of complaints, Paddy Power refused to budge, defending it saying that their "savvy punters" would want to have a "courtroom flutter", and that they weren't "planning to take down our betting on the Pistorius trial verdict. We have a long history of offering odds on major global news events and the Oscar Pistorius trial is no different."

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  • Twonky
    You said murdered, you should say killed until it's proven she was murdered, it might be true but you've just made an assumption yourself.
  • Slacker
    Most complained about ad of all time? These scumbags will just see that as a job well done.
  • matron
    Standard Paddy Power advertising tactic. They know the ASA won't do fuck-all except ban it, but whenever they do an ad like this it gets plastered all over the news anyway, giving them free publicity.

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