Official: skiwear advert was in bad taste

13 May 2009

A couple of months ago, this writer went on the offensive about an advertising email that had been sent out by a ski equipment retailer after the death of the actress Natasha Richardson (right) following a skiing accident.

It started off in the tone of a sombre news report but all around it was a vulgar flogging frenzy, with a promotion offering free delivery on ski helmets at the heart of the email.

I thought it was an atrocity, most of the readers who commented didn’t, and acecatcher3 kept banging on about his Hotmail account being locked or something.

Someone out there agreed with me though; well, two people in fact, and their complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority have been upheld and the ad has been banned. Good.

Elsewhere, the ASA have decided that the Cravendale milk advert isn’t racist. So it’s safe to watch it again.


  • Ben
    Always good to get free ski helmets tho! If only Natasha had used her brain to wear one, then she wouldn't have ended up ten feet under! Oh well
  • Andy D.
    @Ben - who said anything about free ski helmets? Free delivery was offered. To use your own words elsewhere, your comment was "half arsed, badly researched"
  • Mike H.
    Unfortuntaely Ben, Natasha used her brain instead of a helmet.
  • magicbeans
    omg ac3 finally made it into a BW report!!!!
  • Mike H.
    MB - I'm a little annoyed, I post crap and drivel on this blog most days and I don't get a mention, maybe it's due to my unfortunate name, or maybe, and probably more realisticly, it's due to my keyboard torretts,... FUCK A DUCK! see?!?
  • Andy D.
    I love Mike Hock.
  • Mike H.
    Your wife loves Mike Hock too Andy...
  • James R.
    It's alleged that Natasha Richardson didn't wear a helmet because the paps would get some shot of her looking like a complete spastic with a melon on her head. I bet like fuck she regrets that decision now - and any advert that uses Natasha Richardson and her accident to promote safer skiing then it's cool for me.
  • Andy D.
    See, that's why you don't get a mention, you fucking tit. I hate Mike Hock.
  • Mike H.
    Damn it!
  • magicbeans
    Mike Hock for next report!!! lets discuss him and his missus!!
  • acecatcher3
    thanks for including me in this report, i feel like my life is worth something now. but i also banged on about the feral trolley of the week that u still havent used yet mike hock has to wait in line for a guest reader to do an article on first in line isnt that right andy?!! xx
  • Kris
    I keep a lookout for your feral trolly of the week acecatcher3 and I am also disappointed its not been used yet! More on topic the ASA is fucking useless - they have now banned the advert! Great! It not like they are going to send the same fucking email out again! Fucking idiots!
  • magicbeans
    ur moving up in the bg world of BW AC3...... ur time will come when u will star in feral trolley.
  • acecatcher3
    it bloody better mb, have u checked the pic, its amazing!!! x

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