Now will have no excuse at Christmas time...

5 February 2009

There's absolutely no excuse for companies dispatching gifts and goods in half-arsed packaging; cast your mind back to December, and you'll recall that were seemingly incapable of delivering goods in the intended number of pieces. There were those DVDRs for example, packed with a single sheet of paper in a cardboard box. And then there was the hard drive, inexplicably placed in a box, which was then placed inside a second, much larger box, both enjoying minimalist padding.

No more excuses; a Japanese firm has created a packaging that molds itself to the shape of the item and the container. All you seemingly need is some magic foam and a watering can:

Despite the fact the company representative is accompanied by a translator, neither one of them is speaking English, which makes the exact procedure a complete mystery. You don't need to know how they do it, you just need to hope that and the rest pull their collective fingers out before December and try it.



  • Joff
    Play will always have the excuse "we don't care".
  • Matt
    We need more lemon pledge....
  • ungulator
    ^^^ cry??
  • The B.
    Just looks like expanded polystryrene to me.
  • Amanda H.
    Broken glass would be better packaging than nothing!?
  • adr0ck
    Really starting to get annoyed with play. Why is it every time you order something now, payment is processed the same day and then it sits in 'pacing' for over 5 working days before they send it out. Please note this is for items play states are in stock and will be despatched in 24 hours.
  • Boosh
    What do you expect for free P&P?! Seriously though, play's postage time is a joke, and there should be an express option you pay for if you so wish.
  • steve
    They can't do express postage because they ship it from Jersey. You can't get a regular next day shipping from Jersey because everything comes over on a boat overnight. They would have to fly back the express shippers.

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