Nope, we've got no idea what you're advertising, but we'll take a dozen of whatever it is...

Dogs is it? Yeah, we'll have a dozen. But make sure they're little ones 'cos we haven't got time to look after them properly...




  • Wilko
    Hubba Hubba. Who needs Viagra? Just print this out and pin it next to your bed. The little Black and White one in the right hand corner is a total hottie.
  • BobF
    If its "always adopt, never buy", where do PETA think these adoptable dogs come from? Surely its from people that buy and abandon?
  • dasher
    If that what angels look like then i know where i am booking my next two week holiday!!!
  • hank
    So you're saying they're creating a market in abandoned animals? Before I read the writing, I thought this would be a sort of "Come to church - it's not as bad as you think" ad.
  • Paul N.
    Is it just me or does that look like it was photoshopped together by a 15 year old panting for Joanna Krupa and a pack of dogs.
  • Bo
    Its just you
  • raggedy
    Dogs? What dogs?!?
  • Jonsend
    The Catholic Church: We've made a few ...changes.
  • Nobby
    How many birds died so they could make those wings?
  • dunfyboy
    I thought it was an Evony advert. Don't PETA just put down the animals they take in rather than adopt them out?
  • DirtyPixel
    I'll adopt the lonely pussy thanks.
  • OFI
    Whoa that's a bit NWS :-O Nice though..
  • Rt S.
    I intend making a formal approach to discover whether PETA can supply a male equivalent ... to come and play with my puppies.
  • Kev
    "If its “always adopt, never buy”, where do PETA think these adoptable dogs come from? Surely its from people that buy and abandon?" Yes, but you're saving a dog's life because other people will always buy puppies and abandon them, so if you want a dog you should adopt one that someone has already abandoned. If there wasn't this problem with people's attitude to animals, organisations like PETA and the RSPCA wouldn't have to exist. As an aside: PHWOAR LOOK AT THOSE PUPPIES!
  • raptorcigs
    Id buy that for a dollar
  • Jack
    F**k me
  • Marvin
    who wants to adopt some old mongrel dog when you can have a cute puppy to put in your handbag
  • bob
    Are these the same people who hire supermodels to advertise that wearing fur is murder then those same supermodels get caught on camera wearing fur
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. I think i need a COLD shower after seeing that picture. I've done a Bing search for her nude pics, and she has appeared in Playboy. I can only find pictures of her breasts, but none showing her muff.
  • Honky S.
    Shit I've just holy cum
  • Who B.
    [...] across by making posters containing huge pictures of beautiful naked ladygirls. Who could forget their previous classic advert for dogs? Not [...]

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