No-one likes the new Uber logo

Uber have had a redesign, and of course, with change, comes people moaning about it. Seems that the most vocal about the new Uber logo, are those that really hate it. Obviously, most people can cope and have been doing more useful things like drinking a brew or blaming silent trumps on the dog.

Anyway, there's going to be an update, and you'll get the new logo.


As you can see, the 'U' has been replaced with something else. Uber say that this new logo is connected to bits and atoms.

Some Twitter users were not at all impressed. One fully grown adult actually said: "The new Uber app icon is freaking me out. It looks like it's in a constant state of updating," while another wailed about it being "so odd". Another adult human being said: "Dear Uber: your old logo was very bad but useful. Your new logo is very bad and useless. Yours truly, Everyone."

Travis Kalanick, founder and chief executive of the company, says: "The early app was an attempt at something luxury - that’s where we came from, but it’s not where we are today."

He also said that the old logo seemed cold and "this belied what actually Uber was - a transportation network."

Now, there'll be this new one, which will have a unique colour for all 65 countries it operates in. The interface will be the same as it was before and, naturally, black cab drivers will still seethe at the very mention of it.

Anyway, if you're into marketingspeak, Uber have done a video about their fondness for atoms. Check it out.

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