Nicklas Bendtner sells his arse with Paddy Power PR Euro2012 stunt

14 June 2012

bendtner paddy powerDid we all see Nicklas Bendtner's shameless Paddy Power PR stunt yesterday? Oddly, we can't believe he a) Scored and b) Paddy Power paid him to flash his branded undercrackers on the chance he would score.

If there's ever a call for an investigation into match fixing, Bendtner's goals yesterday are it. No-one that lousy gets advert-pants AND happens to score two goals on the same day.

Either way, this little advertising stunt could see Bendtner being chased by UEFA as this is a clear violation of football's rules on ambush marketing. UEFA regulations ban any advertising on players' kits during the tournament. Remember those Dutch fans making UEFA do backflips in anger?

Ken Robertson from Paddy Power wasn't phased, saying: "I'm truly delighted for Nicklas, what a stunning performance tonight. I've no doubt that the luck of the Irish thanks to our lucky underpants helped him find the back of the net twice!"

Maybe Paddy Power will pay the striker's fine if UEFA hammer him for this little stunt? Obviously UEFA are the only people allowed to make money from advertising and damn anyone who tries to cross their path. Apart from racists. They're not arsed about racists.


  • A. r.
    It's true. I'm a racist and I can confirm that UEFA arent bothered about my antics.
  • Nicklas B.
    "UEFA regulations ban any advertising on players’ kits during the tournament." - Surely they're MY underpants and not part of the team kit?
  • Chewbacca
    UEFA are only pissed off cos they didn't think of it first, and thus didn't get their cut.
  • zeddy
    Ireland's players' pants are sponsored by Skids - masters of brown motion technology.
  • Dick
    Ban him for life from ever playing football in Europe again.

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