New! More of your Dell hell packaging!

8 February 2011

Following on from the 65 Screws episode, here's another tale of packaging gone awry.

"Last week we have ordered an autoloader from Dell," says avid Bitterwallet reader Tom. "The order came in five separate boxes - one of them looked a bit too big for what we'd ordered...":

Bitterwallet - Dell packaging


  • Stomm
    It's OK, I've got a bag for life - it'll more than make up for this waste of packaging....
  • gsrfd
    Stick it in recycling. Job done.
  • Dell B.
    [...] You know how much we love our stories about outrageously excessive packaging, and we know the avid Bitterwallet readers love them too. In the past week, we’ve featured a couple of corkers courtesy of Dell. There was the instance of 65 screws arriving in 65 individual envelopes inside a very big box, followed by reader Tom’s big box of nowt. [...]

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