New 'Great Britain' campaign being tampered with by internet fiddlers already

Like Stuart Baggs, Great Britain is now a brand, at least according to David Cameron. Him and his wretched government have commissioned an agency called Mother to come up with some ads that highlight just why Britain is, erm, great.

15621_GREAT_PC_HERITAG_468 The whole thing reportedly cost £510,000 to develop and Cameron said: ‘This campaign is simple. There are so many great things about Britain and we want to send out the message loud and proud that this is a great place to do business, to invest, to study and to visit.’


But already, the mockery has begun. Here’s a remixed version of one of the ads, as done by rampant Twitter user @rhodri. We suspect it won’t be the last.


Oh look -here's another one, by another Twitter user, @TheMichaelMoran...


We’d ask you to come up with your own and send it in, as part of some kind of competition but that seems to be a touchy subject with some of you (don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about it)


  • PokeHerPete
    Lets be honest, the mockeries are a bit shit. Lok at the last one, they cant even save it right to maintain the correct colours. If those were entries to a competition, Id just ignore it ever happened so I didn't have to give out any prizes.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Whats all this "competition" shizzle about?
  • competition
  • The B.
    Was there a competition? I must have missed it.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    No, seriously, what is this competition business....
  • BasilFawlty
    Hey Easy peasy. Photo of the upside down shopping trolley and, BitterWallet is Great. Sorted :D

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