Naked tombstoning advert gets banned

Have you seen the advert where a bunch of student-looking sorts jump into some water, butt-nekkid? You may have been too busy looking at bumcheeks to realise that it was a commercial for

Well, a bunch of people have complained about the advert, but not over the nudity, but rather, the tombstoning. If you don't know, tombstoning isn't graverobbing or anything like that, but rather, when you jump in the sea or whatever, off a cliff.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) says the adverts could encourage others to take risks, which denies. Here's the advert in question.

In a ruling, the ASA reckon that most people would not realise that it was filmed in Mexico, where this particular bit of water is 50ft deep.

It said: "We considered that the length of the fall could have been dangerous, and that there was a risk of injury if the jump was emulated, particularly if it was done in a location which was not specifically designed for such activities." They also pointed out that, in the ad, one of the people involved looks reluctant, but is cajoled by the rest of the group.

So there. One person's ban for safety is another person's natural selection theory.

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