Mundane packaging watch - day 2

23 December 2008

Seems we hit a nerve yesterday, when we mentioned's shoddy packaging. Plenty of people pointed the finger at less-than-careful handling by posties and couriers, but if there's no protective packaging to begin with (beyond the mandatory cardboard box, that is) then the contents stand roughly a slim to zero chance of arriving intact.

Less than 24 hours later, further evidence that Play are failing to treat their dispatches with due care and attention. This time we're not talking about relatively inexpensive CDRs, but an internal hard drive; an expensive piece of kit that warrants serious TLC. Bitterwallet reader Halflife found it sadly lacking, however:

It came in a box about twice the size of a shoe box with another box inside that contained the hard drive. A token gesture had been made to put some polystyrene in the two boxes but both the hard drive and the smaller box it was contained in were free to rattle about in the larger box. Rubbish packaging. I wonder how many things Play get back damaged due to poor packaging that they then pass the cost back to the supplier. Would only have taken a few seconds longer to package properly.

Take a moment to savour this, folks. It really is a bit special:

Are employing the man with ten thumbs to dispatch customer orders? We're going to ask them, so if you have any recent photos of Play's packaging fails, let's have them sent to [email protected]


  • Mark
    Yeah.... we still don't care. Try posting real news.
  • Chris
    Ouch, that is an epic failure... Naughty Play. I wonder what chimps they get to package larger items? I love Play, but fortunately have not ordered any items that don't fit into a jiffy bag - At this point I'm glad! It really isn't that difficult to package something correctly, and frankly won't cost much more... Hell, we could send them a few tonnes of polystyrene from TFT monitors and PCs which they could grind up and use to pad the good out, no problems lol. Tut tut. Still love them though. <3
  • Tim H.
    To Mark, I think you might be confusing this site with BBC News. URL if you don't have it is:
  • Mike
    Must be the time of year, no wonder the people who get employed at christmas are only employed at christmas, happens everywhere unfortunatly
  • Rob S.
    I was shocked to receive a £120 phone in a plastic bag with no packaging or a "signature required" lucky My postman is a trustworthy bloke
  • YNA
    @ Mark ... is that the Royal WE twat ?
  • Sam
    That's nothing! I was sent a 2.5" hard drive from Play this week that had no polystyrene or anything - it was just a cardboards box, with the much smaller hard drive free to rattle all around it. However, luckily the hard drive is fine.
  • Colin
    Wish i had photographed mine now from earlier in the month, the packaging was 50 times larger than the goods, i was excited for a while as i could not remember what tat i had bought this big! Bitter wallet.
  • Andy
    "Yeah…. we still don’t care. Try posting real news." Ass. The news on this site is not the main purpose. Note the site description says "& news" not "Only news" Get a life.
  • lola
    @ mark, stop whining like a bitch It's tedious seeing pointless responses like yours in these blogs you know. I've only ever had good service from play...lucky. Infact the recent packaging of my goods has been quite lavish. Marks and spencer sent me a single christmas card (purchased with gift vouchers i already had-so free) packaged within an A4 padded envelope, further bubble wrap, a few sheets of brown paper and a box large enough to accomodate a ton more stuff. Thank god my £2.50 xmas card was delivered safe! doesnt seem to be a happy medium between flimsy or excessively wasteful packaging with these companies?
  • sedgwick
    It's can't be much fun working in the packaging department of these firms so I guess some of them are having a laugh with their mates when thy box stuff up.."Oi Dave mate, look at this SD card I put in this 4' box HaHaHa"
  • Simon
    In defence of "Mark", I have to agree that this was a dull news story yesterday and it still is today. Just because someone criticises the content, no need to call them "bitch", "twat", "get a life" etc. If this isn't a tip item or a hack item, it's a news item, and it's not a very good news item. Am I a "cnut" for saying that?
  • lola
    @ simon. no, i would never go as far as "cnut". contrary to how i said someone was 'whining LIKE a..', im not in the habit of throwing out abuse. my snipe was because i keep seeing people slagging off the content in various posts, or moaning, with nothing much more constructive to say. in my opinion, thats pretty boring to read through. if i found something "dull" - i would excercise my free will to NOT continue reading it. and i would do this by not clicking on the little link. i dont think BW has ever claimed to be anything other than it is. love, lola.
  • B.
    [...] we highlighted some examples of shoddy packaging by Play, many of you leapt to their defence, shifting the blame to the Royal Mail, freak atmospheric [...]
  • Jon
    I met a guy who worked for once, he said he would never order from them because he's seen how stuff is treated down there.
  • Liam
    Even if you think an item has been packaged poorly, if the actual item arrives in new condition then there is no problem. And if poor packaging leads to a broken item on delivery, will give you a replacement or refund. There really is nothing to complain about. And just because christmas is getting closer it doesn't mean our rights as customers change so that we can demand items arrive in perfect condition 100% of the time, it's just not possible and the only party who loses is as they offer refund/replacement and have a damaged item on their hands.
  • B.
    [...] Christmas time! Mistletoe wine! Dubious packaging far from fine! Yes, as we begin ordering a festoon of gifts from online stores, there will be more than a few prezzies returned after seemingly been packaged by a mentalist. Who can forget the likes of Bitterwallet reader Halflife’s internal hard drive, which was left to rattle around a large cardboard box unprotected, then placed inside a larger box? [...]
  • More B.
    [...] been through this in the past with and it never seems to improve – you can excuse and say these are the exceptions, but [...]

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