Moving toilet advert mirrors make us want to smoke crack

To be perfectly honest, sometimes the future just makes us wonder why we don't explore self-harming a bit more. For example, look at this shocking so-called ‘development’ dreamt up by so-called ‘mankind’.

Currently being trialled in public ‘bathrooms’ in the US of America (that’s toilets to the rest of us), it’s adverts placed across mirrors that shrink into the corner when someone approaches to look in said mirror. It’s creepy and shitty and makes us feel as though some of us should colonise another planet and start again to be honest.

Here’s a promotional video of the magical bog mirrors in action. We don’t know how the inclusion of a complete twat is meant to make the viewer of the ad believe that this could somehow be a good thing.



  • Phil
    Am I missing something or could you achieve a similar effect by just split the mirror frame in to two halves and stick a post in one half and a mirror in the other (Saving electricity, expensive electronics etc)? This just seems like an expensive waste of money. And yes that video is stupid.
  • Fox M.
    Keep an eye on the piece of bog roll he pulls of his shoe, it disappears half-way through the ad! These are magic floor cleaning mirrors! It's the future I tell you.
  • Internet T.
    These have been around for years
  • The B.
    Um, what exactly was that supposed to be? It managed to provoke 0 emotional response with the possible exception of bewilderment, I'd sack the advertising company.

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