Morrisons launch 'I'm Cheaper' adverts

Morrisons aren't doing very well on the high street, but they're determined to turn things around. They will be opening new stores around Britain - that's how confident they are.

They're also pushing out a new advertising campaign under the 'I'm Cheaper' name, which is rather direct. And not entirely true if you look at their budget competitors.

They're pretty confident these new ads will stop the rot which saw like-for-like sales in the quarter to 4 May slumping by 7.1%. How are they planning to win you all over? With scones.

The stillness and winking going on in the new Morrisons adverts remind you of anything? All those Aldi averts? They'll be having nanas on the gin next.

Either way, the supermarket will be cutting the price of 1,200 products by an average of 17% as part of their £300m investment to win everyone over.

As well as the two new supermarkets and 11 convenience stores, they're also going to beef up online sales and see if that works. What do you think? Still more likely to shop elsewhere regardless?

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  • Alexis
    The problem is that Aldi and Lidl do dirt cheap, and Asda and Tesco fight it out over being the cheap normal supermarket. Morrisons trying to be cheap all of a sudden just says they've been ripping us off all those years. And this ad is more of a rip off of Sainsbury's fancy soft focus, nice typography 'quality food' ads. People are too clever to fall for all this. People who want cheap go to Asda and they know 1200 cheaper products is a drop in the ocean. Cheaper than before doesn't mean cheap.

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