More packaging FAILs just in time for Christmas

8 December 2010

It's marked on our office calendar to expect examples of packaging lunacy at this time of year. And like clockwork, avid Bitterwallet reader Damien has contacted the Bitterwallet bunker:

Ordered some gifts for people on Expected some common sense to be applied. Imagine my surprise when these arrived at my door, three weeks late too. Each individual package containing the same size gift. Somebody never played Tetris as a kid in the packing department.

Bitterwallet - packaging 1
Bitterwallet - packaging 2
We've been through this in the past with and it never seems to improve - you can excuse and say these are the exceptions, but Bitterwallet readers alone have received plenty of them. Mewling apologists, over to you.

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  • poopants
    At least he got his package... i have been waiting weeks now for something to arrive, ordered well before any snow came along!
  • PokeHerPete
    Clearly Photoshopped.
  • Mr (.
    WTF is dis real ?
  • Nobby
    Save them up to build a cardboard sex robot.
  • David
    I don't see the problem - lots more card for the local authority to recycle. As long as the packaging isn't thrown away then I don't see the issue - more packages to open = more fun.
  • LanceVance
    I dont care i'm pissed.
  • andy y.
  • Yue
    Amazon did the exact same thing to me the other day with a watch.
  • Aelynn
    Yup, that's exactly what I got from Play yesterday. I think they only have one size box this year and they're sending everything individually to make sure "something" will get to its destination.
  • theguywhosentthephotoin
    Definitely not photoshopped. All items could fit into one box. The packaging would have cost about as much as each item that made up the complete set.
  • Boris
    I expect that you'd all be moaning if the boxes were far too small for the items too. Just can't please some people.
  • theguywhosentthephotoin
    @Boris Can't complain with the items. Just think maybe saving a bit of packaging wouldn't hurt.
  • Boris
    @theguywhosentthephotoin Tell that to my cousin Paddington; he works in the cardboard factores in darkest Peru. Not for much longer if you packaging Nazi's get you way though. I don't know why I bothered fighting in Korea anymore with people like you around. Literally, I don't. I sufferd a head injury and lost part of my brain. Sombody said it was to do with freedom of packaging though and who am I to argue? Again; the brain injury makes it hard to remember clearly.
  • Boris
    PS. I do have some vague recolection about diving in the fox-holes though.
  • Lew
    screw the packaging! where did you get that deeeeelightful wallpaper?
  • Thanks B.
    [...] an unexpected turn today. No sooner do send a small forest’s worth of packaging for no very good reason, than Amazon raise the bar by sending the packaging and failing to remember the product [...]
  • Chris
    I ordered a S.H.I.E.L.D logo mug from when i received the mug (which was a normal sized mug not one of these oversized ones you see around) the first thing i noticed was the fact the packaging was about the size of a shoe box. unsuprisingly when i oped the packaging i found the handle had broken, no doubt this was due to the fact the item was given so much room to bounce about in the box. i would have thought that would have at least put some of that large bubble wrap in the box to prevent such movement but apparently not. I now have to go through the arduous task of returning the item which for the record i have opted for the refund option as opposed to the replace option. I'd prefer not to run the risk of this happening again. I don't think i'll be buying anything fragile from them in the near future, at least not until they improve on this 'one-size fits all' packaging.

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