Microsoft paint over street art in huge marketing fail

Big companies are not known for sensitivity when trying to promote new products, but usually, they're mindful of the fact that bad publicity is sometimes the absolute pits for their sales figures. And Microsoft may well be looking at getting a new marketing company after one of their Surface ads ended up being painted over some street art.

The Microsoft advert was painted over a large piece by Mr. Wany in London, which is really, really stupid. Most technology companies want to aim their products at the young and the achingly hip, so whacking their brand over a piece of existing art is PR suicide.

Global Street Art, who shared the offending image above, noted: "How is ruining art good for any brand?" It does seem remarkable that someone could look at the existing artwork and think 'I know, we'll just go over what is already here. No-one will mind, surely?'



  • Mustapha S.
    And I'm sure that 'art' didn't go over some other crap that wasn't there before. As its london, probably saying 'Darren luvs Stacey 4 evaaaa' All the chavs that live in shitty areas with 'art' like that won't be buying windows anyway, they'll just torrent it. So really, it was a clever 'fuck you' from MS. And for that, I applaud them.
  • Milky
    So who owned the wall & did microsoft buy the space!? ..if not that's essentially criminal damage & exploitation if it's a guerilla marketing "thang". What a waste of spray for that load of shite, prefer what was their before, proper street art with impact, microsoft fail, ..spray on a whale! would like to know who owns the wall & whether it was done with consent,if a public art-space wall, is it taking advantage of free advertising, is it, technically bill sticking & thus should be followed up with besuited microsoft marketing wankers scrubbing that crap off!
  • fatherb
    dunno about Microsoft ruining the graffiti 'art' that was already there. It looks like the wall has been painted over hundreds of times already. Mr Wany has already covered over the previous items, so the good people of Surface were just evolving the wall. Art is all in the eye of the beholder after all.
  • badger
    Can it be vandalism if it's on top of existing vandalism?
  • chris_moneyandi
    I think that it wasn't that stupid after all. First of all, no company would ever get involved directly into vandalism, so either they've decided to go 'urban' and do some guerilla marketing or they've received a consent to paint the wall. If a) then they can deny the whole thing and blame it on the competition (i.e. those 'mean & ugly apple vandals'), if b) they might've signed a NDA with the owner and they still can deny the whole thing. Either way, they're getting a load of press coverage amongst young people now. People will forget about the whole incident in some time, but the new urban MS 'look' will stay. Anyway, that WAS a nice piece of art on that wall. I'm not a graffiti fan but if something is as good as that I truly admire and enjoy it
  • Spencer
    and well done to bitterwallet for running this story thereby giving free advertising to Microsoft. excellent work on behalf of the marketing company that thought this up.
  • Jammo
    They should have made the advert bigger and cover up all that terrible vandalism.

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