Microsoft opens booth outside Birmingham Apple Store

The first round of Microsoft's bolstered ad campaign was odd, vague and as opaque as Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea but at least it was distinctive with a positive vibe. In the second round of the advertising battle Microsoft took the gloves off and hit back at Apple directly with their I'm a PC television ads.

Not happy with slagging Apple off on TV, Microsoft has taken it to the streets, as they say, by setting up a booth outside of the Apple Store in Birmingham. AppleInsider reader Tom sent them the following info and picture:

"It's a friggin booth where you can record your own I'm a PC video," he said. "This is outside the Apple Store, Bullring, Birmingham, England." He added that a trio of Microsoft staffers will be on hand to turn patrons off from the Mac for the next three days.



  • Gus
    Good! There's nothing more annoying that Apple fanboys... ( maybe Linux fanboys?)
  • Wurzel
    If only they'd put this much effort in when producing Vista, then perhaps this dreadfully irritating and message free campaign wouldn't have needed to see the light of day.
  • aphexbr
    “It’s a friggin booth where you can record your own I’m a PC video" Wait... is that like those phones where you can record your own Quicktime format video... yeah... My only fear is that too many people are already dumb enough to fall for this s***.... Make a decent OS and people might come, M$!!! (I speak as a person who had to wait till SP1 for a file to copy across my f***ing home network on Vista... thank f*** I had Mandriva as a backup OS...)
  • Linux F.
    jeez! ... would somebody please just hand out some free Ubuntu disks and make everyone happy
  • test2312
    put it this way if microsoft had a store Apple would have done the same thing but worse....
  • Cam
    ahhh who cares! lol
  • fatherb
    Please explain how Microsoft have been slagging 'Apple off on TV'? That is an absolute lie. They have never done any such thing. Their current advertising campaign does not mention Apple either.
  • steve j.
    i love windows vista its amazing... I'm a PC :)

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