McDonald's emoji ads get trolled

While you've been pottering about, you may have seen McDonald's new ad campaign, which is based around emoji messages.

The McD's rub is this - they spell out something that makes you miserable, via emojis, and then the problem is resolved with some kind of McDonald's purchase.

As you can see with this one, it shows off the misery of driving, hitting roadworks and the like, which makes you cry, but then you see those golden arches and you're all happy again.

mcemoji 1


Or, in this instance, you go on holiday, it rains all the time, and then, in the cab on the way home, you see a McDonald's and you forget about all that nonsense. The words 'good times' appear on them all.

mcemoji 2 Pretty straightforward right?

Well, someone in Bristol (we hope it isn't Banksy) got the hump with one of these billboard ads and decided to add their own emoji, right at the end.

We're sure you can work this one out.

mcemoji 3


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