Martin Luther King was, like, a totally rad dude

21 January 2011

Here’s an abominable piece of marketing, bustin’ straight out of the United States of A. Take a good look at then see if you can quantify just how much damage it has done to your soul once you’ve finished with it.

It’s an ad for a California surf shop that somehow ties in with this week’s Martin Luther King Day. By ‘ties in’, we mean they’ve photoshopped King’s head on to the body of a surfer and then offered a discount on ‘all black products’ for the duration of the commemorative day. No, really. That’s what they’ve done.


See? And it’s real as well – not just some ill-advised ‘comedy spoof’. Fuck a doodle doo, eh readers? One thing’s for sure; we’ll be getting our surfing gear elsewhere from now on when we’re in California…



  • Dick
    That is disgraceful. Mixing fonts like that.
  • Brad

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