Martin Clunes dropped by Churchill after driving ban

19 November 2012

Martin Clunes has been the star of some bewildering Churchill adverts for some time now. They're not even the worst comedic turn he's done, as anyone who has seen Men Behaving Badly will testify.

However, he's pulled a funny as he's been banned from driving for speeding offences, which means he's been dropped from the motoring insurance advertising campaigns.

A spokesman for Churchill said: "Martin Clunes recently informed Churchill Insurance that his driving licence has been suspended after he accumulated penalty points for four speeding offences."

''Churchill Insurance currently has no adverts with Martin Clunes on air and will be moving forward with new advertising in the New Year.''

Churchill have previous. Vic Reeves used to be the voice of the awful animated dog, but he got binned off after he was arrested and charged with drink-driving. And leaving the scene of an accident.

So who will Churchill sign up for their commercials next? Lee Hughes? Mel Gibson?


  • PJH
    "So who will Churchill sign up for their commercials next?" George Michael.
  • Gunnem H.
    PJH Dont be stupid, my money is on Jimmy Savile he's a dead cert.
  • Jimmy S.
    I prefer to let the train take the strain
  • Dick
    "They’re not even the worst comedic turn he’s done, as anyone who has seen Men Behaving Badly will testify." Two comments: 1) Carry on Columbus 2) Staggered Anyhow, they should play it up a bit. Get lookalikes of famous but dead drunks - George Best, Oliver Reed, Charles Kennedy, etc. Is he dead?
  • jw
    men behaving badly is amazing.
  • PJH
    "Charles Kennedy, etc. Is he dead?" I'm sure his political career is - does that count?
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    What about lookalikes of famous people who have died in serious traffic accidents / been INJURED in accidents? I would buy my insurance if a Leslie Crowther lookalike said "And if what happened to me on the way back from opening Allied Carpets in Erdington happens to YOU - then you will be protected!" or a Marc Bolan lookalike saying "You will be riding a white swan straight to heaven... safe in the knowledge you were insured fully comp"
  • Mr. P.
    Oh, no no no. Worst "comedy" was Johnny Vegas in Sex Lives Of The Potato Men. I'm not even going to argue about it, I'm telling you it is.
  • Zeddy
    Jug-eared twat.
  • Mr. P.
    @ Zeddy Fuck you!
  • Sicknote
    Why don't they get that bearded fellow fro the Lee Travis - he seems like a nice old boy who'd be good at flogging some really expensive product that all drivers need by law.

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