Look at the newest Superbrands! Which ones do you hate?

john lewis There's a new list of the UK's consumer superbrands, with John Lewis, Lego and Virgin Atlantic gatecrashing the top 20!

For the second year on the bounce, British Airways have come out on top and falling out of the chart are Heinz, Cadbury, Amazon.co.uk, Sony, Shell and Marks & Spencer. Looks like we don't love them like we used to.

Stephen Cheliotis, Superbrands' council chairman, said: "Younger brands, such as the social media giants, are sitting on the sidelines making little impact as a huge battle takes place among trusted, traditional brands seeking to remain relevant and retain their positions among the brand elite."

This ranking is calculated from a shortlist of over 1,500 brands and scored by the Superbrands council of 33 people from the marketing industry and an online panel of 2,500 British adults. Makes it all sound a bit arbitrary doesn't it?

Either way, British Airways will be pleased, while Facebook, who were in the top 20 in 2013, will be wondering what they've done wrong (ahem, personal privacy, ahem) and Twitter will be thinking about what they have to do to feature at all!

Superbrands Top 20 UK consumer brand rankings 2015

1 British Airways
2 Rolex
4 Microsoft
5 Nike
6 John Lewis
7 Gillette
8 Mercedes-Benz
9 Kellogg's
10 Apple
11 Lego
12 Andrex
13 Boots
14 Dyson
15 Coca-Cola
16 Fairy
17 BMW
18 Google
19 Haagen-Dazs
20 Virgin Atlantic

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