Listen to the AWFUL Samsung rap

13 November 2014

Corporate raps are the worst thing on Earth. Far worse than deadly diseases, famine, war and Keith Lemon.

And so, to Samsung who seem to have lost their mind by releasing a corporate rap online. The rapper sounds suspiciously like Professor Green as well.

Anyway, listen as Samsung extols the virtues of their employment practises and throws in the word 'handicapped' like it's no-one's business.

We look forward to you lighting one up, getting turnt and throwing your hands up as you spit fire along with "family friendly company with kindergarten approval!"

Have a listen to this absolute nonsense before they take it offline.

This Samsung rap is ALMOST as bad as the Nando's rap which features Melinda Messenger and, of all people, dance music royalty, Goldie. See how much your toes curl at this too.

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  • Mark W.
    That Samsung rap is obviously performed by a Korean who has learned it phonetically, and not someone who understands English. Surely!

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