Lindt Teddy beats Haribo Bear in court case of the century!

Forget Kramer Versus Kramer, or Apple's continuing legal spats with Samsung - the biggest court drama of 2015 (much more thrilling that The Good Wife and 12 Angry Men put together) is the one that saw the Lindt teddy taking on the Haribo bear.

The Lindt bear saw off a legal challenge from Haribo bear after a court dismissed claims that it violated a trademark. Bitterwallet managed to obtain a very obviously real and extremely exclusive photo of the courtroom as the drama unfolded.


The ruling, which saw continued gasps from the gallery while the Haribo bear called the Lindt bear "a stupid melty bastard", means Lindt can carry on selling chocolate bears.

The Lindt bunny screamed "JUSTICE!" as the ruling was announced. The German Federal Court said terms such as "teddy", "chocolate bear" or "chocolate teddy" could be applied to the product just as well as "gold bear". Haribo aren't happy because their gummy bears are called 'golden bears', and the Lindt teddy is a golden bear.

"It's not sufficient that the trademarked word is just one of several obvious names to describe the product form," the court said in a statement.

Of course, no human has ever gone down the shops and picked up a chocolate teddy wrapped in gold foil and thought "ARSE! I THOUGHT THESE WERE HARIBO!"

Anyway, the real life Lindt bear promptly went on the lash with a bunch of chocolate reindeer who are having once last blow-out before the Christmas period, while the Haribo bears are considering thinking about their stupid life decisions.

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