Levi's pull 'riot' commercial

Oh dear. Levi's haven't got great timing. They've just launched a promotional campaign called 'Go Forth' which, sadly for them, features a young man provoking the police in the middle of a riot (wearing his nice jeans of course).

Of course, seeing as there's been a few riots throughout England, it is fair to say that it would be inappropriate to show it on television.

The scene in question hits briefly at the 47-seconds mark. As such, they've pulled the campaign, which is understandable.


  • The B.
    Jesus, the way they'd made it out I thought it was incitement to riot, it was 2 seconds of drivel, easily removed from the advert, unless of course you wanted to get huge amounts of publicity from the fact that you'd pulled it. Mind you, shit jeans.
  • Dick
    I reckon they put that bit in as an extra, just to pull the advert so they get free coverage.
  • me
    Riot? I saw a protest for 2 seconds! Shame on you!
  • Greg M.
    What bothers me more is the beautiful people in the ad. If the ad were to be aired in the UK and feature accurate content, it's be you cousin's fat barely-attractive mate in the pool, and a tracksuited chav standing on the roof of those flats. No aspirational bullshit, just grim, pasty-faced brits, yum.

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