Kellogg's celebrate jubilee with ace cereal boxes

Jubilee-FrostiesThere's not much to celebrate regarding the Queen's jubilee apart from two things: A day off work and some excellent packaging from Kellogg's.

You may have seen them knocking about. Kellogg's have put out a range of limited edition collectors' boxes to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Much better than all those other products that have just whacked a Union Flag on their label, making shopping look like Nick Griffin's underpants drawer.

Kellogg's have gone back to designs from the '50s and these will be available 'til 25 June 2012. So if you're the kind of person that likes collecting retro things, you'd better hurry your arse up.

Apart from the pictured Frosties box, there's a collectable Corn Flakes box as well as the first Coco the Monkey design and original Snap, Crackle and Pop.

Kellogg's have said that there are only a "small number available, so once they’re gone." To be honest, these old designs are infinitely superior to the dreck that adorns the boxes now, so really, they should just keep them like this.

Either way, out of a celebration no-one is really bothered about, something half-decent this way comes.


  • Liam L.
    Don't buy Frosties, they stole that idea off of me. And you'd most likely be supporting terrorism.
  • Dick
    I bet they keep today's recipe though, rather than going back to the old one. What happens on 25 June 2012? Do they send undercover agents to remove the bags from these boxes and replace with the new boxes?
  • old f.
    I don' remember that logo in the top right being there in the 50s
  • Mike H.
    I heard, Her Majesty (BW regulars will knows how much I love the queen and all that shit) had that frosties advert kid killed for obvious reasons and made the whole thing look like he'd taken his own life.
  • The B.
    I take it you don't do the shopping then Mof? These have been around for a good few weeks.
  • vibeone
    Gof Mimmers is a lovely man, and a very attentive lover.
  • Mary H.
    I've spotted a mistake. "They're not grrrrrrrrreat"
  • Eric E.
    I don't like the way Tony is licking his lips at the children, he also looks like a french pedo with his silly scarf.
  • Eric E.
    Ignore my last comment, I love everything about the new box design. It is truly Grrrreaaat....
  • The K.
    I am vey much alive! I only recently finished a porno with "Bony The Tiger"*. As expected he was grrrrrreat!
  • zeddy
    Spanky the monkey or whatever his name is on the Coco Pops looks the better for his retro look.
  • Coco S.
    I had a lot more energy in the 60's but I couldn't touch a white woman until the 70's.
  • magpie m.
    butter butter cunts the lot of you
  • Tony T.
    I used to eat these everyday, mainly becasue I was given them. They didn't pay me much, so I ate them for ever meal, and snaked on them dry inbetween. They are having to use a FAKE & GAI Tony The Tiger in my place as I have am now suffering with extreme type 2 diabetes and unable to get out of my house much like that fat knacker that had to be cut out of her house to the taxpayers tune of £100'000.
  • Tony T.
    When I say snaked, I clearly mean snacked. I'm not a spazzy cretin like vibeone.
  • gary e.
    why cant they keep these designs?? i am a 50s nut and these boxes look great in my 50s kitchen. they should continue with these boxes as i have just started buying their cereals again. they should remove the jubilee logo though. i bet if i call the company and ask them to send me a few of each of the designs minus the jubilee logo they will say they cant print them anymore. also which is the correct design for the frosties box as the one in asda is different from the one in tesco.

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