Johnny Rotten defends his Country Life butter commercials

John Lydon, who you may remember as Johnny Rotten from popular beat combo, The Sex Pistols, has hit out at those who criticised his decision to make a whole bunch of adverts for Country Life butter.

Now. Punks used to slag hippies off for becoming 'The Man', all the while, slowly turning into 'The Establishment' themselves. They usually do this under the ruse that it's 'an artistic statement' as opposed to coming clean and confessing that, essentially, they like making easy money.

As such, Lydon has implied that the Country Life adverts will fund the forthcoming reunion tour Public Image Limited. If you didn't know and are at all interested, PiL will play five gigs next month for the first time in 17 years.

Lydon told the Camden New Journal: "Why are they questioning me? What manual am I supposed to adopt? I'm promoting a British product which I'm very proud of. Anything I can do to help British industry is fine by me and in return you've got PiL."

Of course, that doesn't explain why he went on ITV's I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! And there's the small matter of Lydon being very proud of Britain whilst buggering off to LA to live next door to one of Emerson Lake and Palmer... but y'know, who am I to judge? I mean, he's only copying his old pal, Sid Vicious who did 'My Whey' isn't he?

I'll get me coat.



  • Naz
    ugly mug he is
  • Junkyard
    Did anyone think this guy had a shred of credibility in the first place? Just listen to the music if you like it and ignore it if you don't. Also, I think you'll find he just moved next door to a lake.
    Doesn't explain why hes a complete and utter cunt either
  • Marcus S.
    My Whey - hah, I like. The pistols were nothing but a walking advert for mclaren/westwood. A singing clotheshorse if you will. I prefer my heroin chic to look like moss, not vicious...
  • Frogman
    If doing a few ads gets Johnny Lydon back on stage with PiL, then I say good luck to him. I am a huge fan of his music but I also think he has far more credibility than most musicians, actors or politicians of our times. It's funny, I am watching an ad for M&S with Stephen Fry, Wallace & Gromit, James Nesbitt, Philip Glenister et al. - I'm sure they really need the money to keep on working. I guess it all depends who you are supposed to support and who you are supposed to give a good kicking...
  • The B.
    As Jello Biafra said "Harder core than thou for a year or two, then it's time to get a real job"
  • nobby
    erm, didn't Rotten justify this several months ago? Or is this a new interview repeating what he said earlier?
  • Mucus
    Hey, I Love the Bloke, John Lydon Forever, whatever you think of him or the Sex Pistols its funny, inoffensive and has boosted the sales of the product! I now Buy BRITISH "because it tastes the best", nothing tastes better than to know that you are supporting british industry. I take my hat off to the people behind the ads as they have hit the message home with a Real Person for once. LONG LIVE JOHNNY ROTTEN

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