John Lewis pull ads from far right web forum

Lots of companies are pretty lax about where their online advertising appears – for example, if you asked John Lewis if they’d be interested in sponsoring a BNP party political broadcast, chances are John would shake his head forlornly and then look at the floor.

But online, where banner ads and Google advertising is rife, it’s harder for companies to keep track of the content of the sites where their ads appear. Unless someone points it out to them that is.

At first, the British Democracy Forum sounds like a fine-upstanding piece of internet, devoted to sensible discussions. In reality, it’s more of a rabid online slagging hole for members of the far right to dump their ‘opinions.’ A site which, until earlier this week, had John Lewis ads all over it.


Blogger Anton Vowl spotted the ads and contacted John Lewis, asking them if the British Democracy Forum was the right place for them to be associated with. Their response was swift and decisive.

Dear Mr Vowl
Thanks for your email . The advertisement has now been removed and we wont be advertising on this website in the future. We have a rigorous screening process for where our advertisements appear , but on this occasion, it would appear that this inappropriate placement has slipped through the net .We are reviewing how this happened currently .
Kind Regards
Kelly McAdden
Online Marketing
John Lewis Direct

Wonder if current advertisers on the site, including ING Direct would really be happy to be associated with the site?

Incidentally, the list of the site’s top 30 searched-for words and phrases is a treat – it includes ‘arseholes’, ‘cocksockets’, ‘cretin’, ‘hotgirl’, ‘racists’ and ‘tossers’.

Heh heh – cocksockets.


  • Shock S.
    [...] [...]
  • Anthony B.
    Hi, as the owner of the forum in question I would like to point out that while we are of course aiming for it to be a "rabid online slagging hole for members of the far right to dump their opinions", we have only so far succeeded in creating a rabid online slagging hole for members of the public to dump their opinions. We will be purging all the lefties and liberals, including myself, as soon as possible. Thanks for the mention, Anthony Butcher
  • Lord S.
    Hi, I have been visiting and posting on that website on and off for a couple of years. My personal political views are both anti BNP and pro EU. I vehemently oppose the views of the BNP, UKIP and many other smaller parties and party supporters who post there but I can assure you that the majority of people are not hate filled rabid posters at all but are reasonably polite, articulate and informed, far more so than many other forums I frequent. Your description of that forum and it's members is in my opinion completely wrong. It certainly does not have the censorship and manipulation of comments that can be seen daily on many other well used political forums.
  • jim b.
    i to post on the website mentioned albeit occasionally a complete tabloid view and i would suggest you do a bit more research next time
  • Jane
    I spot sock puppets
  • John B.
    Hmm, yes, and with recent threads such as... 'why islam is a threat to democracy' 'Ban the burka! 238,578 views on You Tube' 'Another example of the disaster the goal of multiculturalism has become' sure is the place to go if you want reasoned debate isn't it?
  • Rich
    I've been there and they even hate the Galileo GPS system?! They say its a load of bollocks because our tax pays for it but they we have to pay to access it when its running and apparently that more eu bullshit! lol Like GPS if free, no you don't have to pay anything for that, those sat-navs are completely free. Those first few replies were obviously done by the neo-Nazis who run that hate site. I'd imagine that The Daily (hate) Mail will replace John Lewis's adverts. (twats)
  • Brenda N.
    Look at the state of the place, how can anyone defend it? LOL at the fact that UKIP gets pride of place at the top of the "political parties" section, instead of in the "smaller parties" bit. Definitely shows their bias, the cocksockets.
  • Anthony B.
    @Rich, I am a neo-Nazi? Have you read a single posting by me on the forum? Clearly not. How about instead of slinging around terms of abuse you do a little research first? Is it really too much to ask before you try to smear someone's reputation? Shame on you. @Brenda, As for the placement of UKIP, the forum began in 2004 as a UKIP-centric forum and evolved into a general political forum in 2006 (IIRC). Hence many of the members are current or former UKIP members, which is why it still retains the top slot - simply because it is the most used section in the Political Parties area. Many people wish to discuss immigration and multi-culturalism. We, the moderators, aren't scared of that - it's an important topic (among many). We don't allow racist postings, but as genuine believers in freedom, we do try to allow people to voice their opinions no matter how unpleasant we may find them at times. As for silly statements like 'they say'; this is obvious nonsense. We have members from every political party, and many from none (including myself, although I was a senior Libertas member). There are very few topics that our members agree on and much of the discussion is criticism of each other's parties. To suggest that there is a consensus of opinion because one person posts a topic is just ridiculous. @John Bull, yes, the forum is an *excellent* place if you want reasoned debate. We are the front line against the BNP propaganda because many of our members aren't scared to tackle it head on. Burying it and pretending that they didn't get nearly a million votes in June is why they are doing increasingly well; because politicians are too afraid to debate with them. @jane, no sockpuppets I am afraid. Perhaps if you had taken a moment to look at the forum first you would have seen that Lord Snooty is a regular contributor (and Lib Dem?)
  • charitynjw
    Hehehe - cocksockets (now what have I done with me plug...............)
  • The L.
    The front line against the BNP? Jog on Spazticus! Nationalistic, xenophobic, jingoistic right-wing gash.
  • Question N.
    [...] John Lewis pull ads from far right web forum | BitterWallet Reply With Quote   + Reply to Thread [...]
  • Gill
    Heh this is funny, BC has made the media for his opinions YAY!
  • Tom W.
    Anthony, I admire the sweet reasonableness of your two postings here, but it looks as if the locals are more interested in abuse. Never mind - you gave them the benefit of the doubt by treating them as adults, and nobody can do more than that. It's odd, because the editorial on this blog is generally of a much higher standard. I wonder if Andy Dawson himself ever reads the comments on his blog? If so, Andy, do drop by and take a look at the forum, and form your own opinion. I'm a moderator there, and passionately anti-BNP. Tom
  • Darling
    The British Democracy forum is anything but democratic. Anthony Butcher is a fascist who abhors freedom of speech and he surrounds himself with various undesirables who make the gestapo look like nice people. The moderators are liars, They even make the BNP look nice. Tossers the lot of them.
  • The L.
    of course they say "we are anti-bnp" - as if that makes them reasonable people. The NF are anti-bnp, the NWN are anti-bnp, the BFF are anti-bnp. Hell, even liverpool-bnp are hated (and hate) most of the rest of the bnp. Infighting, drinking and child sodomy is about all most of the right wing can get upto these days, along with getting arrested for making death threats online (alright WM). cocksockets, the lot of them
  • Anthony B.
    Thank you for your kind words Darling. In the interests of openness it would probably only be fair to point out that you were banned from the forum for running multiple sock puppets to avoid a temporary suspension for poor behaviour. Fortunately you haven't let the bitterness take over, so all credit to you for that. @The Real Front Line, are you suggesting that anything that I write here, the entire five year history of my posting on the forum, my membership of a centrist, liberal political party and numerous people telling you that you are wrong is all irrelevant because you know better? Brilliant! Why are you wasting your time here? You should be finding a cure for cancer and ending world poverty. :-)
  • dunfyboy
    I could understand the fuss if John Lewis were advertising right-wing forums on their site, but the other way about? Who gives a fuck? Nazis have got as much of a right to pay over the odds at John Lewis as whinging lefty liberals.
  • The L.
    I think it's clear to every right-minded person that you are wrong. I don't see anyone telling me I'm a authoritarian wankstain, yet you do. Take your (neo)liberal bollocks and shove it up your rightwing (centrist, lol!) arse, Good to see that you think an ENTIRE five years posting on some silly little webforum and that membership of a political party makes you something/someone. Anything to keep you amused.
  • Anthony B.
    @The Real Front Line, I didn't say that posting on a forum makes me someone, I said that it was silly to condemn someone as being 'far right' when clearly every piece of evidence points to the opposite. If you are too lazy to do even a cursory investigation, then you have no business making pronouncement on the issue.
  • Tom W.
    See what I mean? The Real Front Line tried to make an argument but in the very next post the red mist came down and he just slipped back into abuse mode. TRFL, when I click on your name I get sent to the (or a?) website of Antifa. Found it an alarming experience. I've always considered myself an anti-fascist and have occasionally defended anti-fascist organisations from some of the more stupid accusations made by BNP. The BNP constantly repeat the claim that all antifascists are violent thugs (pot? kettle?), presumably in the hope that repetition will convince somebody. Before the euro-elections last year I received a spam email apparently from a new anti-fascist outfit attacking Searchlight for alleged financial shenanigans. So I went to their web page and found it was full of violent language and imagery. Being a bit suspicious by nature, I quickly discovered that the website's images were hosted on a server at a URL owned by the BNP's own webmaster. In other words, the email and the website were BNP fakes intended to make journalists and others think that antifascists are violent scum. I took great pleasure in exposing this nazi fraud on the British Democracy Forum. My point? Well, having just visited the Antifa website I can't understand why the BNP even bothered - they could have just directed people to the Antifa site instead. If anything, it is actually worse than the fake they created - there is even a page devoted to "Antifa prisoners" = people jailed in various countries for street brawls with the nazis, or even in one case for "accidentally killing a neonazi in self-defence". Do you really associate yourself with this lot? Their website gives anti-fascists everywhere a bad name. You are doing the BNP's work for them. You should be ashamed.
  • The L.
    I think you'll find I have every right. Every post you've made over here at BW screams authoritarian wankstain. Now, go take your hierarchies and fuck off back to your own loony-tunes, right-wing cesspit. Thanks.
  • Anthony B.
    We shouldn't waste our time feeding the troll Tom.
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