John Lewis make us all cry and then buy stuff

It’s possibly the most talked-about advert around at the moment, and it has had a phenomenal effect on sales. We speak of course about Jimmy Bullard’s Wash & Go remake.

No, of course we don’t. We mean the new John Lewis ad, a 90-second race through the life of a woman, from ickle baby to crumbling old buffer, stopping off at all points in between.

It’s a real blub-fest, almost up there with the ending of Tarka The Otter, and it appears to have stuck a chord with shoppers – John Lewis are reporting a 39.7% increase in online sales since the £6 million ads started reducing the soppier end of the nation to a quivering wreck.

Here’s the ad – have a butchers and once you’ve pulled yourself together afterwards, let us know if you went to the John Lewis site and bought yourself some stuff. Cheers.


  • Andypip
    Sadly I have to report that my wife is smitten with this advert and has visited the site many times already - DARN YOU MARKETEERS
  • Andre W.
    Didn't even visit the site...
  • dee
    Don't see what all the fuss is about....
  • Junkyard
    I tried to visit the site, but the chunks of vomit in my keyboard prevented me typing the URL.
  • Timmo
  • me
    during which part I am supposed to cry?
  • Bullet
    @ ME. The part where the doctors tell her she has a ginger husband and ginger children, so sad.
  • Paul C.
    It's a well made advert that makes you think of life flashing before your eyes. Unfortunately it Personally I found the begining of 'Up!' - which uses the same idea, more tearful because it had horrible bits in it and that was very sad. PATHOS.
  • mo
    @bullet she waited till the doctors told her that her husband was ginger, are you suggesting she needed some confirmation of the horrible disease?
  • Pedant
    @mo - maybe she's colour blind?
  • Pheonix
    Meh, just reminds me of the Microsoft Xbox advert that was banned
  • mark M.
    I really liked it and thought it would have some deep message behind it, or at worst, a plug for some life insurance company. I felt really let down when John Lewis popped up and I found myslef thinking "Why?"
  • F. F.
    Anyone got any tissues? She's well fit...
  • Commercial B.
    [...] looks like that roaringly successful John Lewis ad has made compaines realise that pulling on their customers’ heartstrings like a couple of giants [...]

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