Jet2 must jettison excess baggage claims, says ASA

Bitterwallet - vs RyanairIf you're only a semi-avid reader of this mighty organ, you probably don't realise there's an airline we dislike more than Ryanair.

Yes there is, and it's Jet2, primarily because their headline prices bear no resemblance whatsoever to the total cost of flying with them. Their booking process is like a game of ancillary charge Tetris, with more fees and taxes piling on as fast as you can opt out of them.

They don't only confuse customers that visit their website, however; the Advertsing Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that Jet2 have been misleading television audiences too:

'The ad featured two women in an airport pulling large suitcases along the concourse. The ad then showed one of the women struggling to lift the suitcase onto the conveyor belt. A voice-over, which accompanied the scene, stated “When you fly with we do everything we can to make sure you arrive happy. With a 22 kilogram bag allowance, you’ll be able to pack, well - all your bikinis!”'

Jet2 actually charge £16.49 for hold luggage up to that weight, yet the implication in the ad is that this is inclusive. Jet2 argued to the ASA that "the ad promoted’s services and benefits". The problem with that argument is that Jet2 are stating the obvious as if it's a benefit; their weight limit for hold baggage is in no way unusual or special. Accentuating a basic service in the way the ad does implies it's included, not simply another charge.

The ASA agreed - consumers were likely to interpret the claim “with a 22 kilogram bag allowance...” to mean that baggage allowance was included within’s fares, and advert was found to have misled television viewers.


  • rob
    So now what? The advert has already gone out and been seen by millions of people already so I'm sure Jet2 won't be arsed about a slap on the wrist. Infact I don't understand what the point of the ASA is at all. They seem to be a purely reactive organisation which surely defeats the object of having them to protect us from misleading adverts etc.
  • Simon
    I would never fly on jet2 planes many of them are ancient Their slogan 'friendly low fares' might be having a go at ryanair, but at least ryanair planes are newish From the uk airlines its Easyjet, Thomson or BA only for me
  • Ray C.
    1st Sept 2013 Jet2 still advertising 22kg baggage allowance (charges apply) but the allowance is 10kg with restricted dimensions 22kg will cost an extra £8 they were censured 3 years ago for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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