Is your Coke bottle wearing a bowtie?

All companies go a bit crazy at Christmas time, especially their marketing teams. With John Lewis spending frightening amounts on adverts, and confectioners rebranding everything so they have snowflakes on them, it is a busy time of year for all.

Coca-Cola, as well as the truck doing the rounds, have done a neat bit of marketing too - your Coke bottle might be wearing a bow, like a nice Christmas gift. Or a bowtie, like an '80s snooker player.

If you see a Christmas special 500ml bottle of Coke, you need to peel the tag to do something fun. Check this video.

They have some of these down the shops, or if your local isn't stocking them, you can order them online. These bottles were doing the rounds last year too, but we forgot to write about them.

So here they are now. Pretend you've discovered the bow all by yourself and impress everyone down the office, if you like. You don't have to. No-one is making you.


  • Lana
    Where can I order this bottle?
  • steff
    They have been doing them for a long time in other countries :)
  • Albania f.
    I would like a job as a coke bow tie bottle. I hard working, nearly have UK work permit, and I not very insane. My mobile number is [number deleted].

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