Is this hot tub ad offensive?

God knows. We're not even sure if anything's offensive anymore? It's all so confusing...

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  • andy y.
    Why,is one of them a gippo?
  • KKK
    Hey that's brian
  • Racist
    Not sure.But the guy on the left has a point.
  • Afterlife
    Jacko reuniited with Elvis
  • Uncertain
    The first one to piss in the water is.
  • adamck They have a few of em!
  • Sponge
    Yes. There are no naked women in it.
  • Harriet H.
    It's offensive because it doenst have a woman in the picture, therefore, its sexist of course
  • zeddy
    Indeed it is. There isn't a bit of colour in that bloody border.
  • Tickled
    I wondered where my hat went
  • Nobby
    There is a woman under the surface giving them both handjobs.
  • Nobby
    This is the British version ...
  • Pedegg
    pool's closed
  • Q
    @Racist: Judging by his face, I think the guy on the right has a 'point' too
  • dibby
    offensive to who - gays?
  • dibby
    I think there's a hot air balloon going over head?

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