Irn Bru mock Coca Cola's named bottles

24 June 2013

Irn-Bru has started to sell personalised bottles of drink, in response to Coca-Cola's irritating and ingenious marketing campaign which turned everyone into free billboards for the brand (noticed how many people have been giving Coke free advertising because a bottle has their name on it?)

Irn-Bru bottles feature Scottish names like Rab and Tam and, of course, Fanny, which featured heavily in their own tongue-in-cheek commercials.

irn bru

A spokesman for Irn-Bru said: "We hope our fans enjoy our limited-edition bottles of Irn-Bru, celebrating well-loved Scottish names which mean a lot to us. Deliveries have been made across the country for Scots to get a taste of Irn-Bru that they can call their own."

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  • jt
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  • Bendy
    wendell? Let the wookiee win
  • Tooright
    Some people need to get real!!! Stop using internet to be abusive towards others!!!!!!

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