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Organ donation is a serious business. It saves lives, but the whole thing has tragedy woven into its very fabric – for a life to be saved, a life has had to have been lost.

As such, it’s only right and proper that advertising campaigns aimed at recruiting organ donors are appropriately serious, subtle and restrained.





  • piggy
    I've been inside her already, twice!
  • Nobby
    Why would she want a cock surgically inserted?
  • MrSpoon
    This had to be an ozzy advert. Does anyone remember the boy racer = small penis advert?
  • PokeHerPete
    They didn't mention the alternative, rohypnol. Depends if you want her conscious really.
  • Ted S.
    She's got my liver.
  • MrRobin
    I support the opt-out scheme... wouldn't have any need for advertising then
  • james d.
    It's not my liver I would like to put inside her.
  • JImbo
    @PokeHerPete so it's common practice to get an organ inserted when conscious? :)
  • pottsuk
    unless u win the lottery
  • Howard M.
    How is this supposed to make you want to sign up for organ donation? 'You'll be helping people that wouldn't give you the time of day, you fupping loser'.
  • Pokey
    This add seems to be suggestive of a number of disturbing things. Firstly they may be raising the prospect of having sex with a woman after some sort of major accident requiring some sort of transplant; basically rape of an unconscious woman close to death. Secondly they seem to know something this woman doesn't know about her near future. Are they planning to seriously injure her to prove their advertising point? Shouldn't someone warn her? In any case you have to die before you get what the poster promises. And what if she does require an organ sometime in the future? After seeing this she's going to feel well violated by some pervy geezer from beyond his grave; whether the donor was a pervy geezer or not. How dirty is she gonna feel for the rest of her life?
  • Rhinestone
    I think you're over thinking things Pokey.
  • BINU
    fancy some sperm donation.......WTF
  • Pokey
    @Rhinestone - Probably
  • Tom R.
    Hi Bitterwallet, 2008 called, it would like it's news back please.
  • Tom R.
    By the way, I am far from familiar with this Bitterwallet site, however this doesn't really seem to be part of "consumer hacks, tips & news from the trenches of the uk deal community" as advertised. Times must be hard in London.
  • chris
    @tom - you are awesome, BW is fail.
  • dont h.
    you bastard piggy i new my wife was having an affair
  • Pokey
    @Tom - You're missing the point. Everyone here is simply here to witness the biggest fail on the net. Enjoy it.
  • zeddy
    "The biggest fail" Fuck sake you wankers, have you heard of the English language? Fail-u-r-e. Away and text all your pikey friends.
  • Late
    "Hi Bitterwallet, 2008 called, it would like it’s news back please." Wahahahahaha!
  • Codify
    Yep, Tom, we are all just here to enjoy the biggest car-crash of a website on the internet. I'm still waiting for them to roll out the chicken-in-a-can story for the 372nd time
  • Andy D.
    Codify, I am SO tempted.
  • Pokey
    Poor sheltered, bewildered Zeddy. I bet you wish you were born 50 years earlier.
  • Jonny S.
    @Tom - this is a blog. Blog's don't have to be about the most up to date news, it's more like 'oh thats funny, I'll post that' as well as supposedly informative posts :P
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    @Jonny Spandex. Here, just to save you a trip to the top of the page, is what BW is: "consumer hacks, tips & news from the trenches of the uk deal community" There isn't even a B in that sentence, or a G. so how you've made the word blog up from that, I'm not so sure. News however, is so called, because it is new.
  • smashingnicey
    Yeah, but news is new to someone and not new to someone else. I for one, get all my news from BW and the Onion. This is why my world view is so utterly utterly fantastic. I am eating my seventh chicken in a can using the 'kermit' iphone ihand atop a copy of my useless my vodaphone contract. Apple rocks and I am an epic fail(ure).
  • zeddy
    @pokey: I was. Say hi to your mother for me.
  • Rob B.
    Hi really enjoyed reading your post. How do you play "Here comes the bride" on the piano/organ?

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