In the shops now! Full-price, half-empty deals

Two consumer issues here, courtesy of Go-Cat; the first is of interest to environmentally-conscious folks, the second to cynical consumers:

It's difficult to judge by the photo, but the box is newly opened yet barely half-full. Considering that cat biscuits are solid and rarely noted for their need to settle during transit:

- surely the box could be made at least a third smaller? Not only would that save a lot of packaging, but it might mean you could fit the bloody thing in the cupboard

- how many people equate size with value and would be more likely to buy the "bigger" box, despite it been half-full of bugger all?

Wasteful and misleading, and probably not the worst offender. Let us have your tales of retail wrong-doing at [email protected]


  • Lumoruk
    How about the cinema's latest con where they force you to have ice, it all comes out of the same hole now. Before you've had time to think about it glunk glunk glunk half the damn carton is full of ice!
  • Honky S.
    Cereals, crisps packets - been like this for years - R.I.P. off Britain!! The main exception is biscuits...
  • Andythebrave
    And cheese, funnily enough.
  • MattS
    The worst crisp offender has to be Doritos. The 'big' bags are only about a third full...
  • Anon.
    lumoruk, i work in a cinema and supposedly its what "coke" tell us to do.. and so the managers tell us to put about 70% ice! its a joke, never aks for ice :)
  • bob
    Perhaps mice have eaten them.
  • Matt
    The best one was the 'Mr Potato Head' Crisps walkers did - '20% less fat' however, an inspection of the back of the pack reveals that the crisps were only slightly more heathly, bu the amount in the bags was less 23g instead of 26g - which contributed to the less fat on the front of the bag - interesting marketing - charge you more for 'heathlier' crisps and then just put less in the bag, lol.
  • Russ
    My favourite is those chicken wraps you get in service stations - they are displayed apparently end to end with a cardboard label to separate them however they are actually about 3 inches apart!

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