In case you're not sure why you HAVE to buy an iPad 2

8 March 2011

This IS an official Apple ad isn't it?


  • Rob
    The Bitter Wallet Apple obsession is really boring.
  • Billy T.
    Rob's obsession with Bitterwallet's obsession is really boring.
  • Rob f.
    Poor Rob. Not everyone can appreciate the true beauty of Saint Jobs, our saviour, you know.
  • Mark H.
    I bought a first gen iPad over the weekend. It's really good.
  • ian
    Its TRUE Though... lol
  • Richard M.
    Obsession by Calvin Klein is really boring.
  • brian
    all these mock ipad adverts are getting really boring and obvious. I hate the ipad as much as the next guy and don't see the point of it but the spoof adverts are worse than the product.
  • Mark H.
    brian, did you not read my comment? I'm different to everyone else commenting on the iPad on the internet in that I own one. And it's good and useful.
  • akiss
    what for? a chopping board?
  • Mark H.
    Nah, I've already got one of those.
  • chop c.
    with an apple on it?
  • Matt
    I have an obsession with Ipads, and I'm really boring....
  • Jones
    iPad 2 no gimmicks! take that Android
    Doesn't look good for the iPad2 however, slumping sales recently have lowered its stock
    Can't wait to get my ipad2
  • Jones
    If only Microsoft can think like Apple

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