Hyundai suicide advert unsurprisingly banned

Hyundai made the peculiar and bold move of trying to sell their cars via an advertisement about suicide and, of course, it had been pulled and banned. The Korean firm has also had to apoligise after the clip showed a man trying to kill himself in his car, but couldn't thanks to the zero carbon emissions of a Hyundai vehicle. It is all about "100 percent water emissions," according to the spot.

Have a look at the advert. It is actually rather clever, if you're not a massive wuss.

Hyundai said they "deeply and sincerely apologise for any offense or distress" that the posting of the "viral film" may have caused.


  • Hello
    Do you just wait for posts on hukd then repost them here or something?
  • JonB
    Nah, he gets them from the BBC instead.
  • Big M.
    Chewbacca's gone quiet. Maybe he's gassed himself? Oh no sorry, he doesn't own a car. Or a garage or house and lives in his (probably not dead) mum's boxroom wanking over manga on his new Windows 8 laptop that boots in 15 seconds. Back to the glory hole to make some cash chewie!
  • Don D.
    Why didn't I think of this?
  • badger
    @ Big Mozzer As long as the self-absorbed bore's gone, who cares what's happened? It's made the site a nicer place, and that's all anybody wanted.
  • madge f.
    100% water emissions... surely if he waited long enough he'd drown then?
  • Mr M.
    So the advert has done just what was intended, having been made knowing it would get banned in most places.
  • Dr Z.
    Tally ho, you say? You're the horse's arse, young man.
  • Noghar
    Has everyone forgotten the VW advert featuring a suicide bomber? That was another deliberately tasteless and quite funny one designed to get banned, earning lots of free publicity from outraged Daily Mail headlines.
  • chewbacca's m.
    I tried this in a Mk3 Escort...................And succeeded
  • Not C.
    Chewbacca's gone - looks like the mods have finally obliged - we live in hope.
  • Marky M.
    @ Not Chewbacca Looks like that. Never underestimate the power of prayer, eh? Thanks mods - you've made the site a nicer place! :)

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