How long's your warranty? Depends how long your calendar is...

We can comprehend a one year warranty for a household product, and we can process the length of time a three year warranty on a car might last. But 20 years? Can anyone get their head round a point in time that far in the future? Nope. Boo, said Schott Solar, who provide a two decade warranty with their solar panel products.

So how does the company help customers envision just how invaluable and long-lasting such a warranty is? It calls in the marketing boys and girls, who proceed to come up with a bloody good idea:

Of course we're referring to the calendar, not the suspiscious-looking gentlement presenting it in an entirely lacklustre manner, that more suited to an adult bookstore. Yes, the calendar is good for 20 years, just like your solar panels, plus you have something to limbo under on your way in and out of the office. And your company gets talked about for a very simple marketing gimmick that catches the eye. Perfect.



  • Mike H.
    "Mum, I'm scared, I don't want a 20 year calendar for Christmas anymore..."
  • ODB
    Mike your about as funny as rape!
  • Mike H.
    yes, indeed
  • Ows
    I don't like the way he's looking at me with one eye, while his other eye is looking at my missus...

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